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Hi all,
I started making backlinks about a week ago and I wasn't indexed yet,I know that it might take months but I would like to speed it up a little bit.
so what can I do?

Thanks in advence
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    Just do some daily/weekly updates on your website and if you create backlinks, look if there are other spammy backlinks on it. Also go to and every backlink you create or article or new page paste URL there and it will notify the search engines.
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    • Hi

      I suggest you a simple way... Just make on do follow link in high PR page related to your niche.... Do follow comment will be also okay and ping that page after commenting.
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    Also, along with pinging your backlinks, also submit the rss feed to your links to the various rss directories. This is highly under utilized by people looking to build backlinks because it is extra work.
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    Simply edit your signature in this forum and link to your site if it's not dodgy !

    You will be indexed in hours probably, sorted.
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    PingFarm | FREE Mass Ping Site To Ping Your URLs For More Backlinks

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    Pinging and RSS is great and usually works pretty good for me, if you have lots of links try putting them into an rss feed and posting it on twitter or other sites that get crawled a lot.
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    You can help get your site indexed quicker by:
    1. Adding Google Analytics
    2. Submit your sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools
    3. Ping your updates with Pingler
    As was mentioned, putting your link in your signature will help too

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    What I liked to do is post a Tweet and FaceBoook post them ping the tweet url using Ping-O-Matic.

    Also adding to Digg and Reddit seems to help and make it faster.
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    hi,you must do some social media marketing ,local listing in google yahoo msn, participate in them related topic, and also do classifed , post blog in them related blog post sites.

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    Overall I find that pinging and RSS usually works good for me. However, I also use Nuclear link indexer which I find beneficial too.
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    Blog and ping, and start a Blogger blog. Update it daily, and include your website in all of your posts. That'll get you indexed quickly.
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    Go make a You Tube video and add your website in the video description box. You Tube videos get indexed within minutes. Also go post your website link to Digg its another frequently crawled site.
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    Thanks guys I will give it all a try
    Personal Blog
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    Make sure your backlinks are from high pr and authority sites and then try to ping your backlinks. Although seeing that you just started about a week ago, its still new and might take time.
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    social media marketing (google plus, fb, twitter), blog commenting, forum posting are some of the effective things you can do, you can also use google webmaster tool.

    Wakelin Services Group offers plumbing services and electrical repair service

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    make max-age cache control very low or no cache at all if you wish googlebot visit your page frequently
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    you can try also bookmarking your site in few high PR bookmarking sites takes about 20 min and helps also try some social networks they get indexed very fast hope it helps
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    Hi i use powerindexerpro for pinging and it always seems to work.
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    For faster indexing of the website, just ping your website or blog to some pinging websites. So, based on that the search engines will index the website faster.
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    1. Add content to sites Facebook and Twitter page
    2. Expand with Follow Like
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    Create the webmaster tool and submit your site in google
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    You need to ping this backlink, and if your site is not good indexed, then can using tool like Site Submit and also IM Tools
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    A link from a popular webpage that is spidered frequently will help get your site indexed quickly. You can often get indexed quickly if you use social bookmarking.
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    Bookmark those sites , write some blogs and ping those backlinks.
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    If all those methods don't work, try to add some edu backlinks - they may help.
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  • Profile picture of the author SeekingRevenge is your best option mate.
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    Get authoritative Links first, RSS and pinging only for getting crawled not indexed
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