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My keywords rankings are down due the new algorithm update of Google, and they are saying it is because of exact match domains. What are these exact match domains?
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    Originally Posted by manishdhane View Post

    My keywords rankings are down due the new algorithm update of Google, and they are saying it is because of exact match domains. What are these exact match domains?
    An exact match domain is a domain using the exact keyword phrase that you are targeting.

    Example- You choose to target "Bright Orange Fish" then the exact match domain would be- www.brightorangefish.com
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    This is happening to a lot of people. I can't post links yet, but do a Google search for seomoz exact match domains. They have a really good write up on it that should answer all of your questions.
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      There was an update to the google also on 28/sep that aimed at cleaning up the SERPS with "Low Quality Exact Match Domain" results.

      If a user is typing the keyword "how to make money online" ( without the quotes , ofcourse) and if there is a domain like http:// howtomakemoneyonline.com then it used to get a very good ranking. Because the search query and the domain name are exactly same.

      But this feature was abused by many niche marketers and they have created domains with exacctly domain name as the keyword but with all the crappy content. So, google results started showing this domain in top 10 results even though the content on these domains is not good.

      That's what they have corrected now. If your domain is an exact match domain but does not provide valuable content to the user then it was removed from search results. In other words the importance of having exact keyword in your domain to rank in google serps has been reduced.


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    About the EMD, read https://mobile.twitter.com/mattcutts...84203597910016

    If you still use the EMD for SEO on Google, make sure to provide high quality content and also acquire high quality backlinks from authority sites.
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    Exact Match Domain that looks like similar to your website's home page url.
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    Exact match domains are those domains which contain keywords that exactly match the search query. However, some of them only, have unique content and useful information as per required by the visitors. As per the Google latest update, sites which have domain similar to keywords used by users to search but do not provide relevant and valuable information will not be given SERP privilege and will be removed from top ranking.
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    Keyword: Payroll Software Reviews
    Domain: payrollsoftwarereviews.com

    it is exact match domain name.
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    If you dont know, its best to keep it that way.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    EMD are when the main keyword/phrase matches the words in the domain, additionally the site is over-optimized for that specific keyword or phrase, penalties typically occur when there is also thin content on the site.
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    EMD algorithm is basically a new concept of Google SEO which describes that your site ranking and popularity increasing is mostly depend on your domain name which should be according to your theme.

    This frequently happened with most of the sites. The reason behind the site down is simply lack of SEO . If you want to get a good rank then you should do proper SEO. Not only SEO brings out the traffic but social networking sites are also responsible for it.

    Do such things and get good traffic:

    1. Make your content good and reliable.
    2. Do proper SEO such as: Article Submission, Bookmarking, Forum posting, Press release, Directory submission, and such other SEO tasks and as well as do On Page optimization (meta's) for your site pages.
    3. Do Social Media Optimization in various Social Networking sites such as: Facebook, LinkDin, Stumble upon and many more.
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    Maybe that's is also my problem. My domain is an exact match to my keyword. Darn.
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