No algorithm changes in small countries local Google.

by Wieli
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After i've been trying to get something to happen in the Serps and failing, i think my bad English have something to do with this. So then i decided to try out my national Google in Sweden.

What i have been finding while looking around is that all top sites is EMD, and everything from 1-20 pages with low quality in my opinion content.

It seems that the Swedish Google haven't been updated whatsoever with the algorithm changes the last year including Panda/Penguin/EMD

Is this something that have been noticed in other small countries local Google? Are in that case these countries always late with changes? or is that that they rarely update?

Just looking for some information here.
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    The english Google ( us and UK ) seem to be the only ones that have been hit with all the major updates--a lot of pages that are not in english have not been hit nearly as hard as those with english language copy, and sites outside of these countries seem to be doing just fine.
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    Ye, ffrom what i can see pages with really bad links still rank great. For example swedish sites with only English backlinks. Which would in my opinion look kind of wierd.
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