Is blogger easier to SEO than WordPRess?

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I just found a nice niche, 60,000 views this month (49,500 avg) and only 1,920 competing sites! I know that I can get an ehow article up there right of the top, but I would like to get some adsense profit off of this, so should I take the time to learn the wordpress thing or just get after it with a blogspot?
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    Why don't you work on two, one on blogger and one on wordpress? :-)

    Sounds silly I know, but I've heard people say that Blogger is better and that it gets indexed faster, but I've also heard those who say that Wordpress is best.

    I guess it's more of a matter of preference. I personally like wordpress and it works good for me.


    Jaime Ojeda

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    wordpress is better for onsite SEO, however with blogger you can do a lot as well.

    if i were you, i would do both and dominate the hell out of that niche. i would also use, hubpages, since you can add your adsense there as well
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    Oh, I see. Well, I just looked it up and Blogger is ranked number 8 by alexa, which means it's the 8th most visited website in the world and it has a Google page rank of 8.

    Wordpress is ranked number 2,526 by alexa, but interestingly enough, it has a higher Google page rank of 9.

    So I would actually go for Blogger because of the position it's ranked by Alexa. I mean, being the 8th most visited site in the world really demands some respect, don't you agree?

    Hope this helped.

    Jaime Ojeda


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    i find blogs easier to seo and they appear in google fast for long tail keywords.

    unfortunately the rank of does not affect your blog's rating
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      You must try both so that you can decide whether of the two is the most easier part for you in SEO. Without trying you could never succeed with your goal. It is just a matter of perseverance. Because in this internet marketing there are Ups and Downs. So try all the ways that you can do.

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    Wordpress over Blogger any time. Blogger is quite limiting.
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    IMO Wordpress is a million times better than Blogger. I have used both and IMO Blogger is horrible especially when you consider that you can add almost any type of functionality that you could ever want to Wordpress with a plugin.

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    I would try both blogger and wordpress,but I am kinda not so fan of wordpress when it comes to linkbuilding.By default,they have "no follow" attribute to outgoing links on comments and such.
    Also you have to choose proper plug in to get things your way for best results..which may not be what a newbie wants.
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    Personally, I prefer wordpress, I get excellent rankings.

    Google is not bad.

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