Just wondering - are directory listing still valuable?

by Quoia
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With all the recent Google updates, is it worth the time and effort to have a site listed in 50, 100 or even 500 directories? My first thought is that it is now regarded as "spammy". Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Mass submitting to free directories is useless. Pick a few edited ones and leave it at that.
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    Directories are only useful if you somehow can manage to get some traffic from them. If you can not, it is probably better to spend your time doing something else.
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    Hi Quoia,
    Yes still Directory submissions are using, even after Google updated. Because there are some good pr directories available. By the following that good pr directories we can get good quality backlinks. Thatswhy the SEO's are still preferring this tactic.
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    Submit only to quality directories ... in my opinion all directories look spammy.

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    Thanks all for your responses.
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    Directory submission is good try to use High PR directories and avoid Software submission with mass submission . Always Prefer Manual submission per day 30-40 Directory submission.
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    There are still few directories that could bring you good traffic. However, just like I've said, there's only few. So meaning spamming directories will not bring you any good most of the time.

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    Who uses directories anymore? I cannot see how they are worth the bother with virtually everyone using search or social networks to find things nowadays.

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      I think mass submissions to free directories using a software is a complete NO NO. You can get high quality links from some of the good directories online. These will surely help you in SEO and PR increase.
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