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Hello everyone! Quick question. I've recently started utilizing AdWords for my business and I'd like to search terms relative to my business to get an idea of what my competitors are doing.. but no matter what I type in, AdSense never shows neither on the top nor the right side when I search Google.

I disabled AdBlock and even signed out of my Google account to see if that's what was wrong.. all to no avail. Anyone know why any ads aren't showing up? Or a tool I could use to view AdWords ads without even having to search Google. I faintly remember 'spy' tools used back when I dabbled in IM years ago.

Thanks everyone =D
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    Clarification: I'm not searching for MY ads, just ads relative to copywriting to get an idea on what the other ads are saying. Competition is stiff for the keywords so I know there are many ads out there. And I'm searching directly on, not just some random webpage with related content.

    Thank you in advance!
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      That's not adsense, but I digress.

      You may have to clear your cache, or use a different browser you
      may have without settings.

      Google tells you not to do what you are doing anyway.
      Just searching to load impressions lowers the QS of ads by
      lowering the CTR. You never want to be searching for
      your own ad either. Same reason.

      Somewhere I read that if you constantly search, and don't
      click an ad, eventually google will stop showing you ads
      for the above reason.

      On a side note, they do have a tool to allow you to see where
      your appears.

      Plus, your ad should be unique and won't match up with
      others anyway. You have to test the ad copy yourself.

      (someone beat me to it....)


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        Thanks guys! But like I said.. I'm not even searching my own keywords.. just typing in semi-related ones to see what type of ads my competitors are producing. I use Google to research so much, and have never clicked on ANY ads, so I think that may be the reason.. they figure it's not even worth the 1/100000 of a second to put them up when I search
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    I found a little bit poking around the Google AdWords site. Now I know you mentioned that your not searching for your ads, but I think the problem may be the amount of times you've searched for your keywords.

    Google's ad system is really smart, so if you are continually searching terms related to your business on Google, then have come across ads in the past related to your industry, Google may stop showing you those ads because it's determined your not interested in them. Even though obviously you are, you just haven't clicked your own ads or those of your competitors (I'm assuming). That's just my best guess.

    If your curious, I found that information here: My ad doesn't show up in search results - AdWords Express Help

    And more specifically, this quote:
    Too many searches: If you repeatedly search for your own business on Google but you don't click your ad, you may stop seeing the ad after a while. That's because Google's system recognizes your computer and stops showing ads that it thinks you aren't interested in. The Ad Preview tool can help you view your ads as they appear in Google search results.
    Hope that helps.
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    Can you share some of the keywords you are trying to serach for adsense ads ? May be no body is bidding on that keywords...
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    Plus, based on your location, you are not in the US. Maybe, nobody what ads displayed in your country.
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    I'm based in Spain when I use very rare I see any adwords in side bar of search, on the odd keyword i'm searching might occassionally see 1 add at top of page.
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      Hmm.. I'm an idiot. You're probably right it has to do with my location.

      Now I shall go try to find a way to circumvent this.
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    Also maybe Adblock is glitching. In the settings try ticking the box that says: "Show me Google Search Ads, I like those!". Worth a shot.
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