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Out of the blue, I got the dreaded Adsense Account disabled message yesterday - I know of no reason why, nor are any of my sites linked to link farms or spammy places etc. Mostly they are hobbyist sites which may have an Amazon eshop attached, lots of decent articles and info and nothing connected to adult / porn/gaming sites. No-one in my household has clicked on the adverts either. My account is about 11 months old. Nor are there links suggesting people should click on ads. The email does not say it was invalid clicks though, it states Policy Violation.

Google as always are extremely vague and refuse to give a reason - I am cynical as the Adsense credit has just built up to where I could expect my first payout (it was only making small amounts anyway) and BANG...account disabled.

I don't really care about the power-addicted t***ers anyway, but just wonder what I can use as a direct replacement for the Adsense ads I had on the sites - Clickbank account I have and use, I guess affiliate sales places like CJ and Affiliate Window may be an option, but they all depend on affiliate sales - are there any direct PPC advertisers worth having where I can just paste code in and forget about the ad?

Any help and hints gratefully received - I guess I could register for another Adsense account using my company name details, but not sure I want to bother as Google is neither fair nor transparent and their actions seem arbitrary and ad hoc. Like they can be judge jury and executioner at any stage for anything, and as you have no idea what it is, you cannot defend yourself........and appeals are just a total waste of time as some nasty little creep hiding behind a keyboard just tosses out impersonal answers saying we hope you understand we banned you.......
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    Unfortunately this is a very common story mate. Sorry to hear about your account.

    There are no direct alternatives to Adsense You can always try the affiliate route as you suggested.

    What else can you do?

    1- If you are into it (and if your sites get targeted traffic), you can create your own e-books and sell to your visitors.

    2- You can contact advertisers in your niches and offer them ad placements against monthly fees (you can simply look at people advertising with Adwords or use Google to find companies/sites that may be interested in your traffic).

    3- If I were you, I would start creating my own mail list with the existing traffic in order to send them offers and/or sell them stuff.
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    you can submit your site in google webmaster tools and mail to google what is the problem that google cancel your adsense account and what you should do to re-open the adsense account.

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    Your next step should be affiliate marketing & CPA.

    Thats what I changed my ad spots over to when they banned me out of nowhere, & lets just say I wish they had banned me sooner. LOL

    For affiliate marketing, these sites pay you INSTANT commissions, directly to your PayPal.

    No waiting for payments. Its like they bought directly from you.

    RAP Bank -Instant Commissions Vault (rotating payments - 1st sale goes to vendor, 2nd to you & so on)

    iDavi - THE Digital Product Marketplace (rotating payments)

    JVZoo.com - Instant Commission Platform for Sellers and Affiliates (instant/delayed payments, depending on the vendor's payout settings)

    DigiResults — Work Less, Sell More (instant commissions for all products)

    Now for CPA, I recommend starting out with:

    PeerFly :: Custom Built, Performance Driven - Affiliate Marketing, Performance Marketing, CPA Marketing, Advertising

    MaxBounty - Best CPA network for affiliate marketing programs

    Don't lie on your application. Just be honest with them. They will find out if you lie anyway, so there really is no point.

    FYI - "Vertical" is CPA terms for niche.

    Best of luck man!
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    Last month I removed Adsense from my sites, trust me when I say it is not the end of the world. I only have one site so probably easier to manage though I did try a few things...

    1. Adsense alts suck, skip this step completely
    2. My first step into CPA has been with Commision Junction, so far that seems to be a complete failure. It could be just me being new to CPA though, since you would probably be new as well.. just assume they suck.
    3. Direct sell of Ad space. Gold Mine, Pay Dirt.. whatever you want to call it.. this was a solid move. I was making 100/day with adsense and took me 13 days to be back to 100/day. I am working on a few more things but should be close to 6k per month in ad space sales.

    Direct sales does depend upon your site and traffic though, hopefully you paid attention to the ads that showed up on your site because they were some of the first ones I targeted.

    Trust me, losing Adsense is not the end of the world.. It is the start of building something
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    Sometime template play bad rule against Adsense . Change your layout and template . I thing It will help you .
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    I'm still not 100% certain that my experiences are exclusive, a trend, temporary or what. It's still possible that technical type issues or smart pricing are affecting my income. I'm not sure how many would agree that Google has tightened the belt on clicks that count or click that count and pay well. It's that "quality traffic" buzzword they keep talking about.

    I bring this up because for me, Adsense is and always has been the lowest paying. In my situation there is pretty much an affiliate program which would/could replace my Adsense units. Yes I've had both Adsense and affiliate codes on the same site.

    My tip is using a random ads banner to display different affiliate plus adsdence . By this way, i donot put all the eggs in one bag

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      If you are looking for another PPC option, you can Chitika Ad program. I have seen sites like Infobarrel and others use it along side adsense. Hope this helps a bit.
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    It's obvious things are not going well for Google that is why you have to be really smart when dealing with anything related to their group.

    All this stuff is geared towards improving their financial records, any other thing is secondary.
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    The issue is very common now a days. It really hurts when you are banned for unknown violations... Google loves to ban AdSense accounts and appeals are just a formality. No one hears... So I'll suggest you AdClick Media and Chitika. AdClick Media really pays high. Both are PPC networks. Hope this will work for you.
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    so sad for you but there is no alternate for adsense. you can check infolinks but they give half of adsense
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