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I have been reading as much as I can on SEO since the recent Google update and am a little confused. I have always believed that the low, medium and high ratings given to a keyword in the Google keyword tool refereed to the competition of advertisers for that keyword, that is even what Google states. I have noticed many writers are saying to only go after keywords with medium to low competition as they are easier to rank for. How is this possible if that metric isn't measuring the keywords competitiveness among publishers, only among advertisers?
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    The thought is that if competition is low for advertisers the chances of it being easier to rank for the keyword are probably good. As you have accurately determined this can be flawed thinking and a lot more should go into the determination of which keywords would be best to use for your particular product or niche.

    The other thought is that the data the Google gives in the keyword tool is inaccurate a fair amount of the time. Once you believe you have found a keyword that has a decent search volume and the overall competition is low you should then go do the search in Google. Once you see the SERP's you will get a better overall picture of the competitiveness and overall results.
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    Thanks intergen, that makes sense!
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