Kindly help me about a problem I am facing in my wordpress blog

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Hello dearest members here,

I have a wordpress blog and i have downloaded a plugin which auto post my blog posts to facebook, twitter, google plus and tumbler , my question is that as you know they will have same title so will they b hit by google panda and penguin or any other google update or it will be all ok....
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    I guess that your plugin just adds a link to your post with a short description,
    so there should be no problem with your google rank.
    In addition, on the last updates the social media can increase your rank if you get more likes, +1s, etc.
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    Tanv - NO - there will be no penalty. Please keep in mind that the 'duplicate content penalty' is largely an 'urban legend' which, despite my years of trying to prove its' existence, I've never been able to. What I have found out is:

    - Duplicate content doesn't necessarily penalize your site, it just doesn't help it with search rankings

    - Indexing bots know where the article originated (like by I.P. address)

    - If the social media profiles and website originated @ the same location, BOTS are smart enough to put ' 2 & 2' together

    - Social sharing buttons and plugins are meant not to produce duplicate content rather, to share 'interesting' content. If your posts are shared enough times by many people, this will actually help your serps!

    - Plagurism is the issue with others who copy your content

    Another example of this reality is 'RSS Feeds' (really simple syndication). These tools exist for the sharing of content and should always not be considered duplicate.

    B.D. Dale
    Online Marketing Instructor

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  • Tanveerhabib,

    I would worry less about duplicate content on social media sites and more about it on your own domain. Some posts such as those on Facebook aren’t indexed by Google or other search engines.

    Here is some more info on duplicate content,

    Duplicate Content - SEO Best Practices | SEOmoz

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