SEOers... You're Doing It Completely WRONG!

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As SEOers, we often focus on harvesting demand. Targeting keywords where people are searching for something, and then giving it to them.

Isn't that cute? But it's wrong! If you want to build a business for the long-term, perhaps the way we should go about it is by creating demand instead of harvesting it...

... is what Seth Godin says:

Seth's Blog: Harvest demand or create it?

What say you? :O
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    For any business either online or offline demand will always be king and as Richard Branson says why create when you can take something and make it better so why make something difficult? their is lots of demand for products already.
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    I'm not so sure about your post. Creating demand...where there currently isn't any? Hmmm.

    Instead of harvesting demand? There is that story by Carlton that goes, if you could have anything for your business what would it be?

    Most people say things like, the best location, then best product, the best marketing....etc

    But Carlton says..."give me a hungry crowd, and I'll outsell anyone." Or something like that.

    Meaning, the demand is already there, you just need to get in front of them. So if you're gonna create a product for instance, you want to make sure there is even a demand for it first, before you create the product.

    By your reasoning, you're saying the opposite. Create a demand that isn't there yet? Sounds like recipe for frustration.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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    Why dig a new hole and convince people to jump in it when they're standing right next to a bottomless pit?
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    Better title might be, You are doing it completely wrong. This is like business 101 material here, you will notice he doesn't even spend a great deal of time on the subject because it is so over played out and rehashed.

    This is a common thread when creating an authority site because in essence you need to redefine a niche that looks to your site as a source of information rather then continue with an established habit of going to other sites.
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    Good content always gets found, no matter the keyword..
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      Originally Posted by John Moore View Post

      Good content always gets found, no matter the keyword..

      But placing it at right place also matters.
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  • For those wondering why one might want to create demand in a market that does not have it, consider the following:

    - The car was created in an era where people didn't need cars. People didn't want one, and they couldn't afford them even if they wanted one. The car companies created demand by destroying the current alternative form of electric transport and created a billion dollar industry from scratch.

    - The iPad was created and ushered into an era where there was no real demand for tablets. The introduction of the iPad and the creation of demand for the iPad led to the current popularity of the highly successful tablet market today.

    - Twitter was created at a time where there was no real reason for people to microblog. It took several years before it became popularized, and it has more users than it can handle now.

    So if you have an idea that could change the world, but which the world does not currently know about, why not create that idea and show the world how it could be changed by your idea?
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      Demand can be seen in many ways. There is long term demand such as food, clothes etc things that you can never do without.

      There is interest demand skiing, golf, football, whatever. Demand for information dating, weight loss.

      Everyone focuses on buyer traffic when you can create demand for visitors, which equals interested people. The way advertisers can target people's likes nowadays means that you can create demand for anything and if you have traffic you have money. Buyer markets are extremely competitive most of the time. Demand and interest markets e.g/ traffic sites are easier to creat and they promote themselves.

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    I don't know about this.

    I've tried creating demand, it's INCREDIBLY HARD.

    Better to focus on products people know they need.
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    Thanks for the tips showing up in the video.
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    Your example of cars, iPads, and Twitter just doesn't work for me.

    There was a market already for transportation... horses, buggies, stagecoaches, and bikes. Someone just came up with a better solution. And really it wasn't until Henry Ford and the assembly line that cars became more affordable and started to take off.

    iPads... again already a market for computer technology. Someone just had an idea for a more mobile device that possessed some of that computing power.

    Twitter... To me was an extension of email in a lot of ways.


    It is not an SEOs job to create a market as you say. You can not tell people what they should search for. You can try to anticipate some terms and phrases that may get searched a lot in the future, but that is completely different.

    When someone hires me, they want to see results, meaning traffic. They do not want to wait 1-3 years for me to try to create a market that doesn't currently exist.

    Your concept should not be aimed at SEOs. It does not fit. It fits more with IM'ers who should be trying to do something different and innovative to stand out from the crowd.
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      Big difference between doing SEO and creating a product...

      But then, we've traveled down this useless road before...
      useless threads for useless self promotion for who knows
      what reason...

      And just a side note on more misinformation...

      Twitter experienced RAPID growth...did not take "several years"...

      And a tad off on the auto wasn't until Ford made
      a car that was affordable for the middle class that the auto
      industry finally took off...the demand was created by price.

      Come up with some original material....


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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