How long on average does it take for Backlinks to be indexed by Google?

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If you were spending time building backlinks one day of the week through posting comments for example, how long would you expect that days efforts to start affecting your Alexa rank or how many Backlinks Google says you have?
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    Alexa ranks depends on the traffic of your website and it will be increased by having more visitors and it depends on the quality of your backlinsk. If they can bring traffic and powerful backlinks for your website, the result appears in one or two months. And about Google; It takes about one week that Google detects those backlinks if you made them from quality websites.

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    Adding to what socialbookmark said, if you want Google to index your back links quicker you can use a ping tool such as PingFarm to ping pages with back links to your site so Google indexes them quicker. Alexa is useless because its metrics are based on people who have the toolbar which is pretty much 10% of internet users and its back links take ages to update but if you really want a higher rank just install the toolbar and visit your website every so often.
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      Very interesting. Thanks guys.

      For a tool that seems to be highly regarded (Alexa), it's a shame that there isn't more objective value in it.

      I'll investigate the PingFarm tool.
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    It all depends on where you build your back links. If the site your link is on gets crawled often, your links gets indexed faster. Put a link in wf signature and it's next within minuets. Put a link in your profile on a forum that nobody even sees it and forget about it getting indexed.

    By the way, I wouldn't go too crazy with pinging. Maybe mix it up a little with social bookmarking, especially on good sites that are crawled frequently like digg and reddit.
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      Originally Posted by satrap View Post

      It all depends on where you build your back links. If the site your link is on gets crawled often, your links gets indexed faster.
      There's no better way of putting it and that's only one of the many reasons you should place your links on quality sites rather than any forum or blog that will accept them.
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    I would say 30 days if you ping your links or use linklicious or similar sites for pinging.
    If you let them without any help, I would say 3 months and only 20% of them will show up on Google Webmaster.
    A good way to see them up on Google would be to create back-links to your links.

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    I would say that build links slowly and naturally it would be indexed within one week, don't worry about indexing.
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    Apart from what the others have already said, do note that most blogs have a "nofollow" attribute applied to their blog comments, so if you're relying on blog commenting as your link building strategy, you might want to reconsider that and look at other options as well.
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