Need Help with 'allintitle' & allinanchor string.

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I guess most of the people use the allintitle:"keyword" to find the amount of competition, or so i have been advised.

My question is: how much results will indicate that the term is competitive or not. I did this for my my 3-word phrase and found that it had 1700 results. Is it competitive?? The first ten results were easy. Not authority sites.

The same i did for allinanchor. But when I got 48000 results. again the first ten were easy and not authority.

Please assist
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    IMHO, 48,000 results is not that competitive. I would rate a result at 2-3 million above as competitive.

    Another important thing you must do is to check if it's tough to get into the top spots. I suggest you get the SEO for Firefox Extension: Free Search Engine Optimization Browser Plugin for Firefox extension (if you haven't done so) to check this.

    This tool is important because you may have small number of competitors but they might be tough one to beat.

    I'll take 2 million weak competitors than 3000 super-tough, established rivals anyday.
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      thanks lelaiskandar. I do use that plugin..i found out that most of the top ten results are from yahoo shopping, etc etc..and i think they can be beatable as their "page links" for that page is low with very low backlinks..
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