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by Hovaku
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So I was doing some keyword research with AdWords for the gaming niche and I was told that around 200,000 people search for "free games on the net" so I bought the domain and pointed it to the games section of my website. The current competition doesn't look too tough (around 500,000,000 websites) and I want to know how easy/hard it will be to rank on the first page and how long you think it would take.

Thanks in advanced.
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    It will take something around 4 to 5 month to rank on first page, but for this you needed quality of content and website.
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      3 things...

      The number of pages in the search index (500,000,000 as you said in this case) tells you absolutely nothing about the level of search engine competition.

      Second, buying a brand new domain and pointing it at another page does absolutely nothing for SEO.

      Third, only about 36 people a month are searching for that term, not 200,000. You need to select the "Exact Match" option on the Keyword Tool.

      For SEO news, discussions, tactics, and more.
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        Thank you for your responses! I almost gave up on this thread when no one answered.

        Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

        Second, buying a brand new domain and pointing it at another page does absolutely nothing for SEO.
        Yeah I realized that. I'm going to make another sub-domain like 12345.hovaku.com and link that to the domain (not sure how though, is it using something like DNS? (I never did this before)). The reason it will be something like 12345 is in case I won't want the domain and if its permanently linked then I'd just lose a useless sub-domain rather than something like games.

        Also thank you for everyone's else's help!
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    yeah the emd is the first step for sure, but you need to fill in your site with quality content and links and all the things that make google want to give you some love. Otherwise having just the emd domain will not get you first page anymore.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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      However if you've bought EMD, make sure that it has good quality, otherwise be careful of the latest Google's new algo that targets EMD that Google believes to have low quality.

      Lately I've noticed that the keyword I target has been affected by this EMD algo. So please be very careful now about buying an EMD.

      more info:

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    You did your keyword research wrong.

    The term only has 36 searches per month not 200,000.

    You forgot to tick the 'exact' box when doing your research
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    Stay away from high competition use google adwords keyword tool to find low competition keywords like 1500 searches per month.
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      Yeah I realize I did it wrong, oh well.
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    Just get to target low competition keywords and SEO your keywords.
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