21 Ways to Chop Your Bounce Rate into Pieces

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Yo Fellow Warriors,

Watz up?

I see that some of you guys have a problem with your bounce rate?

You getting some peepz and they clicking on your SERP results...

They come for the party, but they don't stay long. You know what I mean?

They land on your website,
they click the back button,
your bounce rate goes up,
your rankings turn to mutton...

yo, yo, yo!

You want to get the money,
but the visitors no stay.
you no make the sales
to fund your next holiday.

Nasty man... nasty...

If the above describes you, here are 21 ways you can chop your bounce rate into pieces and dump it in the river next to your house...


01. Improve Your Design - If your website has bad design, chances are your disgusted visitors will turn themselves away as fast as their fingers can click.

02. Improve Readability - If your website is formatted so badly that visitors can hardly read your content, then you'll be hard pressed to get them to stay. Don't do something like having a black background with brown font. Sounds obvious, but a lot of people do it. Dark background and light font gives you the best readability.

03. Keep it Simple - If you're going to use highly complex words in your content that can only be understood by people with an IQ above 200, then people won't have a second thought about skipping your article.

04. Catch Their Attention - Keep your visitors once they reach your site with a nice attention-grabbing headline or title. If your headline is good enough, your visitor might just be interested enough to stay and to learn more about what you have to offer.

05. Make It Clear - That being said, you need to make it clear about what you're offering as quickly as you can. If the description of what your page is about is too vague, then visitors might not have the patience to stay around and find out more. Keep it clear, keep it obvious.

06. Consider Responsive Design - These days, many websites are going the way of responsive design, especially with Wordpress themes. With the rise of mobile, chances are many visitors may come to your site using their iPhone or iPad. If your website is a pain to scroll around in, they might leave sooner than you think.

07. Easy to Find Info - If you have fairly lengthy content on your page, make it easy for visitors to find what they came to look for. Keep the most relevant information at the top, consider bolding or underlining important points, and use bullet points to express things in brief.

08. Top Internal Linking - Having internal links near the top of your page will encourage visitors to stay and surf around your website to look for more info instead of leaving too quickly.

09. Popular Posts Section - Many bloggers use a popular posts section above the fold in order to get the attention of new visitors. A series of 5 of the top posts on your site may just instill some curiosity in new visitors.

10. Table of Contents - Another way to make it easy to find information on your page, especially if you have fairly lengthy content, is to have a table of contents with anchor linking to the important sections in your content. You can put this at the beginning of your article.

11. No Excessive Ads - If your whole site is filled with an overflowing amount of ads everywhere, your visitor may be turned off. You can have ads, but keep the amount moderate, not too many above the fold, and make sure the ads don't make it difficult to browse for information.

12. Quality of Ads - It's not just the quantity of ads. The quality of ads may be just as important. Some ads look really good, are static, and well-designed. Some ads are really badly formatted and designed, look ugly, and keep on flashing every second. Don't annoy your visitors and cause them to leave your site.

13. Exit Pop-Up - When visitors are trying to leave, an exit pop-up may keep them on the site just a bit longer, and give you a second chance. Show them something interesting with this opportunity (maybe some good graphics or a cool video), and they may just stay a whole lot longer.

14. Cool Videos - Videos can keep visitors on your site for a whole lot longer than you might expect. But it's also good to make sure your video has an interesting thumbnail shot so that visitors will be enticed to click on the play button and find out more.

15. Cool Images - High quality, relevant and even funny images can catch the attention of your visitors quite easily. Let the image be relevant to your content, so that your visitors can slowly transition over to reading the rest of what you have to offer.

16. Good Navigation - If visitors can't navigate properly around your site, they probably won't be inclined to stay. Make sure you have clearly labeled, and easy to use navigation. If you use dropdown menus, these can be difficult for mobile users to navigate.

17. Reduce Page Load Time - If your page takes 30 seconds to load, visitors will hit the back button before the 3rd second is over. Optimize your site for page load speed and you will find visitors staying a lot longer. Oh, and you'll rank better too.

18. Reduce Distractions & Confusion - A bad habit that many bloggers have is putting stuff all over the place. They have content at the bottom, content on the side, feeds, opt-in boxes, subscription boxes, Facebook widgets, flying saucers, UFOs, crawling spiders, and all sorts of crazy stuff flying all over the page. In what direction should the visitor browse your page? If you add too many distractions, your visitor might be so confused that he just leaves to a site where info is easier to find.

19. Improve the Browsing Experience - Instead of having stuff left, right and center, consider designing your page so that it is read from top to bottom. This will help visitors know where and how to focus their attention, and will reduce the confusion when it comes to navigation.

20. Multi-Browser Support - Some websites look great in Chrome, but terrible in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Test your website in different browsers and make sure that it isn't looking horrible for different people.

21. Test, Experiment & Observe - Do some split testing on various items such as font size, color, design, etc. and see if you can find some factors that result in a good improvement in the bounce rate. Consider using analytic and usability plugins that allow you to spy on your visitors in real-time and see how they actually use your site so you can redesign accordingly.


Do you have any special tips or tricks for lowering your bounce rate?
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