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Hey guys... i currently have a 0.. the domain is aged but apparently i have no idea what im doing with page rank.

I have seen jobs on fiverr offering a link on their hompeage for a month or two but not even sure if i clearly understand what to look for when buying those.

Should i list myself in certain directories? Paid directories like yahoo?
Do i have to build these links slow?
Are there networks to pay people for a link on their high PR sites?

If someone could provide some insight who has actually built a site from 0 and up i would appreciate it. If resources included it would be even greater.

I truly appreciate it in advance, thank you.
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    Don't waste your time focusing on Page Rank - it's pretty much irrelevant now. Definitely don't buy links on other people's sites just to increase your page rank.

    Save yourself a lot of trouble and ignore page rank and focus on getting visitors.

    nothing to see here.

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    Well, if you want to get high page rank then you'll need to get some high page rank backlinks which are NOT nofollow. You can get them by paying money or finding some high PR pages of your niche which link back to you if you add VALUE to their pages, make sure the OBL(outbound links) are less on those pages to pass maximum PR juice.
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    i would have assumed high placement on ppc and things similar would have taken in account your page rank Andy.
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      Originally Posted by marketingg View Post

      i would have assumed high placement on ppc and things similar would have taken in account your page rank Andy.
      No. Page Rank is not used by anything that matters. At best it's just a vague indication of if a site has a lot of links or not.

      nothing to see here.

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    sorry forget to mention... a buddy said he put a link for about 2 months on a high pr site in their footer and he ranked for two keywords with some other minimal effort but im assuming this did not cause it?
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    Don't worry about pagerank, better worry about traffic.

    Pagerank will come naturally.

    Also you should know that Google rarely updates the PR. The last update was made on August 2nd.
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    PR is only worth something if you are planning to sell ads. PR do not make you rank better, but is only a reflection of the popularity of your website.

    Buying links for PR is one of the most dangerous activities if you want to build trust with Google. You should rather focus on building good content and build relationship with your marketplace. When you build links you should consider if the link will enable you to get traffic to your website.

    Money comes from traffic, and not PR.
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      As others have said already, forget about pagerank. If you plan to sell links from your site then it would look more attractive to somebody wishing to buy a link from you, but otherwise it's fairly insignificant.

      Just focus on quality content and on page factors, as well as building good backlinks to your site. This pretty much rules out anything on fiverr!

      The ultimate goal is to make money. That money comes from traffic, so focus your efforts on getting that traffic by sticking to the safe (at the moment!) methods of backlinking. When you've got the traffic you can focus on the quality of your page and ad placement to maximise your conversions.
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    Thank you everyone, this is why i joined this forum... appreciate everyone time and experience.
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    Like everybody else here said ,pagerank and rankings are not related at all. I have many PR0 pages outranking upto PR4s in SERPs.
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