Help with AMR footprints

by checkingitout 6 replies

Can anyone help me with AMR foot prints for Article marketing robot please?

Or if anyone has a nice upto date list they could share that would be great

#search engine optimization #amr #footprints
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    I checked your ebook, it was really very helpful to me, I have saved it on my computer and I would read it time to time.

    three great FREE tools -, and

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    here you go

    Article Beach:
    “Articles with any spelling or grammar errors will be deleted”
    “upload your articles and keep updated about new articles.”

    WordPress Articles:
    “If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have”
    “Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate”
    “Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar”
    “Using Article Directory plugin”
    “There are * published articles and * registered authors”
    “RSS Articles” “RSS comments” “Recent Articles”

    Article MS:
    “Powered by ArticleMS”
    “You do not have permission to comment. If you log in, you may be able to comment.”

    Article Dashboard:
    “By publishing information packed articles, you’ll soon enjoy”
    “Use the articles in our directory on your website to provide your visitors”
    “Member Login to Submit Article”

    Article Friendly:
    “Powered By : Article Friendly”
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    Just do a Google for "AMR footprints" and a bunch of sites with similar info will popup. However, the posts above should get you more than enough sites to use with AMR.
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