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We were on page1/2 for maximum of our keywords but on Saturday we have seen a big fluctuation in the ranking, currently we are not in top 100 position, we are not doing any kind of unethical link building due to which our ranking can effect.
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    What exactly are you asking?
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    reason behind the drop
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    is this the first time it happens? if it's the usual google dance, it should come back in 2 or 4 weeks, keep adding good content and build a few high pr links should help
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    Two suggestions:

    -Set up a blog on your site and start writing good content about the merits of pepper spray. Basically anything a prospective customer might be wondering, you should write about on your blog.

    -Are your product descriptions original? If not, you may be getting penalized for duplicate content. Other sites may be using those same product descriptions.
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    Well, for one, I would change the page title. A long list of keywords in the page title is a strong indicator of spam for Google. Secondly, you don't have any alt tags for your images, an issue that you should really fix. And finally, I noticed that in the past month you have had a sudden burst of inbound links (almost 1000 links) after a long time of stagnation at around 2000 links. This too is an indicator that your links are being made in an unnatural way, especially without adding any recent content, which I suspect is the case.
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    The reason your site is penalized, most of sites are penalized now due to updates in penguin..

    you have to come up with latest knowledge of link building according to panda and penguin updates.

    three great FREE tools -, and

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