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Hi everyone,

I'll make this quick, I plan on building a site on a very personal subject. I plan on writing some personal expereince. BUT I would also like to have a large selection of articles. I want to use some plr, some reprint articles ect.

Is that a no no after the googl updates?

If so am I only supposed to use my own content?

Thanks guys
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    If your going to use other peoples content then it will be seen as duplicate content and google will penalize you for that or you can just link back to the original article. Now you will be providing link juice for the place you got the article from, but that will not hurt you as you are showing that the info was credited to that article. Never ever use others articles as your own.
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    Option B would be to make your unique content indexable and your non unique unindexable. (i dont think they are even words. Hope you understand)

    Best option of all though really is write your own content. If the site is going to be based around a personal experience. You will be amazed how easy it can be for you to knock out great articles at will. You just have to set time in your daily schedule to make time for it.
    You can always base your articles around other peoples content. Its just not going to help much if you copy it directly word for word.

    Best of luck with your site. Hope it goes great for you.
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    For your own site, of course you need to write articles or hire someone do it for getting max results in Google. Not using PLR nor reprint aritcles.
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    I wouldn't do it. Here is Matt Cutts from Google talking about this issue:

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    Learn from me - I've been smashed by having duplicate content on my sites. It wasn't even my fault - I put my stuff everywhere in 2002-2008, and now I'm paying the price.

    Don't spin stuff either - if your content is similar you'll also get a penalty.
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    Hi momtraders!

    If you are searching only for ideas, it is a good tactic that you read posts of credible sources and get their idea. Then, try to rewrite, tweak, and add your ideas. In this way, the structure is unique. Also, it is okay to have the same ideas to others because unique idea is not part of the picture.

    Therefore, learn how to improvise and avoid duplicate content or spinning articles from existing resources.

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