Is there any advantage of .gov backlinks?

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Is there any advantage of having a .gov backlinks over the .com backlinks, provided they have same domain age and same pr?
I can't find any authoritative opinion on that...
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    PR is what counts.
    .gov and .edu are considered to always carry a good PR, so you get your backlinks where you can.
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    Having .edu and .gov backlinks would definitely carry a a huge value for search engine algorithms because they are considered as trusted sites. Although search engines like Google have not acknowledged its value, search engine optimizers and online marketing analysts would say that .edu and .gov links outperform other extensions in terms of search ranking and leverage. However, it should be noted that the content of the blog or site should carry the same value.
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      Originally Posted by johnrone View Post

      However, it should be noted that the content of the blog or site should carry the same value.
      Please explain !

      As far as .edu and .gov are concern, I believe search engines consider them same as other TLDs
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    .gov are better than .com in Trust Rank wise
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    unless they are related to your topic then i would stay clear or you will eventually end up with a penguin penalty at some point
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    Yup, a few people already said it, but .gov and .edu both carry a lot of authority. It isn't always easy to get backlinks through them, but it's definitely worth it.
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    The TLD makes no difference. Years ago it was really hard to get a .edu or .gov backlink. Some sites that had them were ranking really well. As usual in the IM world, people drew the wrong conclusion. They felt that Google gave some special waiting to these links just because of the .edu or .gov. In reality, it was just because the pages the links were on had a lot of authority, no different than a link from a really good .com or .net page.

    Today, it is easy to get these links. I can pay some college kid $20 to set me up a blog on his university website. Hell, they would probably do it for $5. I can build all the .edu links I want off of there.

    Now if a university wants to give me a link off of their homepage, I'm listening. Any .edu or .gov links you see that are being sold on a large scale should be avoided. They are junk.
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