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The reason I ask Is because I'm use to PPC campaigns and promoting affiliate products, but am now starting niche blog sites to learn more about SEO, both on page and off page. These are all tests for me and learning experience sites.

What Is on your daily to do list SEO wise? Both on page and off? Also how many of each Is good practice such as backlinks, blog comments, blog posts, tweets, re-tweets, facebook shares, etc. Anything twitter wise I can do because I have a large network of accounts.

If someone could give me a good solid daily list to abide by both on and off page that would be great!

Such as,

10- Blah
5- Of a little this
15- Of these babies
And so on lol.


PS- The search function Is not too much help for me because what I'm asking :p

Also seen the FAQ above, I'm looking for specific answers.
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    On-page seo

    I do this daily every time I write any new content I always try to implement some good ol on-page seo routines. I never use my main keywords more than about 3 - 5 percent in my content and I always have my main keyword(s) in my title for sure.

    Off page seo

    I do this daily too!

    Most of my off-page seo is outsourced to 4 different seo services, currently. And I do a little on my own. Mostly for my second tier links which are only filled with high quality and original content. I'm a bit anal when it comes to some of my contextual links. lol

    I found that doing my own seo (solo) on a daily basis nowadays is practically a losing battle. The competition and new search engine algorithms on a daily basis just aren't worth fighting by yourself.


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    Mr day. Can you recommend one of the four companies you use? I'm looking for someone to build high quality links manually.
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    Some forum posts, some blog comments, twitter posts, etc...

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      Post for facebook, google plus, litile activities on linkdin, forum posting social bookmarking/ directories submissions.
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      Originally Posted by mcatt View Post

      Some forum posts, some blog comments, twitter posts, etc...
      Just that I am not regular on twitter, and I dislike to leave irrelevant comments on blogs
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        If someone could give me a good solid daily list to abide by both on and off page that would be great!

        Such as,

        10- Blah
        5- Of a little this
        15- Of these babies
        And so on lol.
        For one-page consider letting yourself guide by internet business promoter (IBP) if you're starting in SEO, for off-page a good, basic list will follow shortly. I do way more then this but you can easily handle this on your own if that's what you're after amigo...

        1) Week 1 Thru 4 = 10-15 forum post each day on 3-5 relevant relevant and authority forums with a signature link pointing back to your website = takes care of social signals, long term direct targeted traffic and even some viral traffic

        2) Guest Posting - find some blogs that are PR3-PR6 to have your keyword/anchor link inserted. You will accomplish this easily with responses involving quite a few sentences and often paragraphs as most website owners are very aware of this guest blogging tendency now

        3) Week 2 = 10 (500-600 word) articles submitted to submityourarticle

        4) Drip-feed 1,000-5,000 WIKIs with a brand new article or a highly spinned one (SeNuke XCR can get you started with wikis and serves well to some amount of wikis..I use it for this purpose and combine it with sick)

        If you do it daily you won't need to be a slave to link building, but for top rankings expect to do it 4-5 hours a day and you might as well reach #1 rankings in Google with the simple yet highly effective outline above. It works for me on bigger numbers as I race for results, but for you, you can consider doing it yourself if you don't want to pay.

        Might've lost you as a potential customer, but very true
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    I still used the old skol methods however I'm now cautious with where I put my link.
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    Too many to list here. Every day is different. We use a weekly planner (whiteboard) and change what needs to be done as we go through each day.
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    Submit your link to high pr social bookmarking site, directory sites and forums posting with signature links.
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    Develop a strategy that can be done rather fast.

    1. Look through all of the content being produced on your niche in the morning, add to Bufferapp and schedule out. 10 - 20 minutes

    2. Review the blog posts out there by the people who are influencers and try to comment on their new posts when they drop, learn their schedule and get the conversations going.

    3. Review analytics for new opportunities and strategies for improving flaws

    4. Review Webmasters central for the same

    5. Look at alerts for niche and see if there is something that grabs attention that needs to be looked at.

    6. Get back to weekly project that will be good for SEO.

    Those are tasks, there isn't just one thing that you can do on a daily basis that is good for your SEO, to do something that matters you have to build it over time, so the right question is what strategy order should you use in your SEO process.

    Hope that helps.

    Learn what we have done to get tv exposure -

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    Wake up - check my writers work
    - Post it on my sites
    - Add a couple affiliate links
    - Research low competition keywords
    - Go to sleep.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    This should be a "set it and forget it" type of thing. That is unless you create/publish new content (like MrDay mentioned). If you took your time implementing appropriate title tags and meta tags, and you are certain you've done it right, then on-page should be good to go the first time around.


    Now off-page is a different story (as we all know). I typically begin by reaching out to guest bloggers via Guest Blogging platforms such as My Blog Guest, and then create content (quality that is) for those blogs/site owners with the intent of them getting it published before the week's over.

    After I've reached out to individuals of whom I've developed relationships with I'll make use of my client's blogs, and create some content for them.
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