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Hi fellow warriors.... hope you are making great progress...

what is your opinion about the value of using the url name in the page's file name in today's new google ecosystem?

for example....



win over


moreover, if trying to establish multiple search results on "apples without worms," then is there power in:


as opposed to:


all the above assumes that the page title also carries the longer or truncated title. the kewords meta carries the longer or truncated. the copywriting reflects the longer or truncated.

help me put this discussion to rest!
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  • Raven,

    If you are asking if placing keywords in the URI of a page, yes, this is effective for SEO as long as other conditions are present. For example if you have the keyword in the URI, the title tag and copy of the page, the page should be about that keyword.

    Also, you can skip putting keywords in your keyword meta tag as Google does not use this in their ranking factors. In fact, Bing uses this tag to identify spam websites.

    Here is some more info on the topic,

    Placing keywords in URLs as part of your SEO campaign | SEO | Search Engine Optimisation

    Hope that helps,

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    Oh god. Someone like Yukon has probably done a thousand geeky tests on this matter and could probably give you a more comprehensive answer.

    But if it was me I would go with the shorter version because it looks better.

    You can also see in the SERPS that google bolds the domain URL if it is part of the search query.
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