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How many keyword you put in one article or one blog post? . Or you only research your keyword for your domain and title of your sites and post?
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    we can put as many keywords as we want but here a professional articles should be brief and contains no repetition and also it should be better to read and understand well
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    If I were you I wouldn't focus on the density of keywords, but rather on writing something that's interesting for other people to read. I strongly believe that a well written post is a thousand times more valued (even by search engine algorithms) than a set of paragraphs, artificially stuffed with keywords.
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    I target only one keyword per post but my main priority is my content. I always write articles for my audience and Google love it.
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    Let me give you an advice to what we're actually doing. As far as SEO-based content writing is concerned, we suggest you to target one primary keyword and 3 to 5 LSI terms. Now, though you didn't ask, I'll also let you know that you should not go beyond one percent keyword density. It's best to mention each LSI term once (maximum of twice but not mandatory).

    We do not target more than one primary keyword per article because you can write another article to target another keyword. Also, if you were to target two primary keywords per article, and you'll apply the same keyword density, say one percent, imagine how it would look like when you read a 1000-word article that mentions Primary Keyword A 10 times and Primary Keyword B 10 times, too.

    That's not good to the eyes when read and to the ears when heard.
    You don't want the same phrase to be read in every 2 to 3 sentences, do you?

    If you want to know more about how we write SEO-based articles, feel free to post here and I'll reply as soon as I can.

    I hope this helps.
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    Some one has rightly said. Optimize for search engines but write for your readers.

    2-3% keyword density is good given that you unnecessarily stuff them. I do it per paragraph. I make sure each paragraph (e.g. with 200 words) has primary keyword 2 times and 2 LSIs.
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    I feel it is crucial to give goo content and quality of information/value to the reader. Including the keyword will clearly enhance your post and the links upon he post will link back to your sites.

    However with good quality, value filled posts, the search engine will recognize this and understand the quality is far greater then quantity and there also recognize all sorts of equations of how many people are on your post, or off and how long they may have stayed on the post etc.

    So crucial to get quality right then quantity. Place a balanced amount of keywords but don't over do it
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    You should put your main keyword in your article page 3 times every 100 words. This will give you a 3% keyword density - which is good. Always write for your READER first.
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  • There is not any rules or laws for putting keywords in article or blogpost. Just maintain the charm of the article and make it informative, its does not matter how many keywords you used. So make it informative and to the point. Thants it.
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    Article Should be Informative and keywords should be inserted so that they makes scenes . Not limited or write article to put keywords . Use two to three main keywords in article .
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    In my view point 2 to 3 keyword covered.
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