How to build a network of sites?

by soudy
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Hey question,

My boss wants our dept to create a network of sites of over 1000 sites and wants me to drive traffic to them, like EDU landing pages, Diabetic Landing pages, Payday loan pages, alot of landing pages with different offers.

I specialize in SEO and PPC management, little in affiliate marketing. But Is there a good thread that will bring me up to speed on how to start driving traffic to a network of sites?

Or am I looking at this the wrong way - Focus on one site at a time, SEO/PPC then move on to the next?

Any input would be helpful thanks!
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    How many is in your team? This is a HUGE task!

    I can't even start to imagine how much this would cost in terms of content, links, hosting etc.
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      This is a difficult task, actually a huge task. First, I'd set up all the websites and link them all together, then I'd do keyword research/competitor analysis on each different website. Lastly, I'd do on page optimization to rank/create content. In addition, you can do tons of off page, however I wouldnt know where to begin with that.
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      Well according to the OP I'm sure he isn't talking about a blog network as the sites are unrelated niches and will be landing pages.

      This is what I would do. Since these are Landing Pages with little content. Put up the small ones first.

      Set up a schedule and tasks to drive traffic. Create teams in your department and assign them a list of procedures or a list to follow. If you need too, hire some virtual assistants. Organize, keep track of analitics.

      Meetings in the Morning to assign tasks and meetings in the afternoon on accomplishments made, then report to the boss.
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    Originally Posted by soudy View Post

    Or am I looking at this the wrong way - Focus on one site at a time, SEO/PPC then move on to the next?

    Any input would be helpful thanks!
    I think SEO would be the thing to start with followed by PPC. I think SEO is bit easy with multiple sites given that there are some cool seo analytics tool to track progress of multiple websites. (e.g.

    Or another option is to build your own tracking/campaign software that has separate profile for each of your website and is connected to the campaigns (PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, other stuffs) that you've done and planning, also expenses, revenue, backlinks for SEO (backlinks that are already published, subscriptions etc.)...etc. Not sure if there is a software readily available.
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    My advise would be to tell your boss he is completely nuts.

    If he cant show you how to do this by past experience. Then all this seems to be, is some dummy with a tonne of cash trying to scatter shot a load of sites across any niche he can think of and see if something sticks.

    The point that he has given you this task to work on, and that has brought you here to ask where do I start. Kind of reiterates either his naivety when it comes to SEO and Internet Marketing.
    Or that or you blew smoke up his ass telling him you do this all the time. And now he's called you out on it and your stuck in a pickle.

    I am sorry if you think I am coming across a bit unhelpful. But just reading the post scared the hell out of me, to think whats going to happen to his investment or what fate awaits you when you cant deliver on it.
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    You might want to buy one of those 150+ websites a month packages from the biz opp people you find on informercials lol.
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    lol thanks for all the info guys! my boss like to embellish a little bit, so pretty much he is literally looking for a few hundred sites + landers to start.

    We got 2 full time web developers who will be pumping out like 2 sites per day.

    So hes gonna want me to drive traffic to the sites and not sure how i can do this, SEO seems out of the question. Im sure I can optimize all the onsite seo,content,meta,descriptions,kw density etc then some offsite web2.0's then SB to those,probably a PR or 2. Then repeat for each site.

    I was gonna promote PPC methods for driving traffic, however over 50-100 sites im sure that adds up pretty quickly,

    Also probably gonna submit some landers to affiliate networks etc.

    But when i hear people say they have their own internal network of sites, that can push traffic from one to another? how is that done?

    Also, when managing 100+ sites, do they need to be over say 10 different hosting accounts with different IP's? what other fine print tactics do I need to know about?

    Thanks for all your input guys!
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