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My website seems to have a high bounce rate and I am not too sure why? :confused: Can anyone help or know some software that helps.

Website url is Web Design Services Liverpool | Affordable Website Design
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    What is your primary source of traffic? If the traffic isn't targeted (they don't want a website) then they'll just click away straight away.

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    Don't forget to add informative videos about page or product features etc. I have noticed a big jump in visit time with multiple videos.
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    sorry mate but you design websites, right? your own website looks very boring for the customer point of view, make it more dynamic, add some colors, put in mind that lazy visitor who doesn't want to navigate through pages to find the services and pricing , put everything under his eyes, I hope that's helpful, to your success
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      If I were looking for a web design service, my first impression of your website is... it's missing a call to action.

      I want a BIG button that says something like "Pricing" or "See Packages" or something like that.

      I want to follow an obvious route because reading all that text on your homepage will deter me. I don't want to read text.. Give me something interesting to follow. Feed my eyes.

      Also, I noticed your "Why Choose Us" list.

      Passionate about what we do
      Fixed prices on all services
      Client satisfaction on all projects
      Testimonials are genuine & verified
      Provide free quotes for all our services

      That doesn't sound inviting. It doesn't stand out or seem like a reason to choose you. I would respond to something like:

      - Free Quote in Under 24 Hours
      - 100% Money Back Guarantee
      - 30 Days FREE Updates

      I don't really care that someone's passionate about what they do or have "verified" testimonials because that should be the standard. And listing expected stuff as reasons to choose you... well you get the point.
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    Generally, Google stated that a “high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren't relevant to your visitors.” You must optimized proper keywords, make your website layout and design compelling and make site loading faster. Those are important factors to consider to have lower bounce rate.

    Premium SEO Solutions is a Professional SEO Company in Australia that provides cost-effective SEO Packagess.

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    As someone else here stated, there is hardly a place a visitor will want to go after he visits your homepage.

    Give it a thought , where would you want to go when you land on your website? Put in something that appeals visitors to click. Like a big graphics saying our portfolio, read more, packages, pricing etc. You need to make visitors to click a second page in order to reduce your bounce rate.
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    Here are a few things which will help get your audience attention and stay on the website:
    > The website is quite bland, needs more colour.
    > The header and banner covers most of the page and I have to scroll to see content. Make the height smaller.
    > Too much information on the homepage. First time visitors don't like to read lots of content, they just want to see bullet pointed ideas of what value you offer.
    > Add a call to action menu button such as Packages or Pricing. This is what most people want.
    > You also dont have a quick quote or contact on any of the pages.

    Also you need to look at the list of keywords which are bouncing. Are these keywords highly targeted traffic. For example if traffic is coming for the term 'Web Design', this doesn't mean they want the service, they may want informations, template designs etc. It would be too generic.

    I hope this help PixelCreativeUK and good luck, Neil

    Are you a small business looking to grow fast?

    www.shoutoutdigital.com provide small business SEO services with professional online marketing advice in an affordable package.

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    Yeah, your site looks boring. Cut a load of text and tell us why we should hire you.
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    Basically present the website with good on page techniques. Infact, it must be very much attractive for the website visitors.
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    Thanks for the hints and tips guys. I will be doing a redesign with more colours, big buttons and banners and big boxes with each services, contact forms etc
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    Redone my site guys, let me know your thoughts
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