About to block adblocking tool users.

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I'm about to block ad blockers from viewing my site without first disabling it. I do not get enough traffic to entertain low page view tracks on page views 10x what ad-sense reports.

The places I get what little traffic I get, the people who are seeing my site at this time, they should know better than to block ads, knowing that it is someone's money they are messing with, and that it's the only way to keep the internet free, and keep the opportunities content creators have on the internet alive.

So, before I do that, I want to ask warrior forum, is there any downside to this? Particularly with Google. Can I hurt my site more than do it good like this?

As far as I can tell, the blockers are causing not only their own ads blocked, but when I visit a page that the adsense was blocked on, I need to visit it twice before it shows again, and the adsense bot needs to visit it again and restart the whole process of showing ads. So I definitely don't want these scumbags on my site, blocking ads for themselves is one thing, causing my ads not to show for honest and legitimate viewers is another.

Thanks in advance, I am looking forward to your input on this.
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