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Your site's performance in search engines is very important, that is why we have lots of SEO expert's marketers and gurus out there. Ranking number one spot on the first page of search engines is the desire of every blogger; sadly, number one position is for just one blog. There are ten slots for ten blogs on page one result of search engine, but there are so many blogs competing to be in this position. With so many blog competing for this position, is it possible to make the first page of search result? The answer to that question is YES, but notes that this won't happen overnight. So, what do need to do to rank first page in search engines? Read on to learn my little techniques.
Proper On-page SEO
For your blog to perform well in search engine you need On-page SEO; it includes optimizing pages and single post of your blog. Make sure to optimization description and keyword for every post and page you create for your blog. Optimizing the loading time for your blog is also important because search engines loves pages that load faster.
Post Content Regularly
Updating your blog frequently will help your blog post to appear quickly on search engines. There is a popular saying that: content is the king. Yes, that is true, the most effective method for building backlinks have to do with content. An example is guest blogging, you have to create article before you get links pointing to your blog. So if writing is not your favorite, then you have to learn it now.
Building Backlinks
Building backlinks is the most important factor for your blog to rank high in search engines. They are like votes to your blog, more backlinks means higher ranking. I will be going into details about building backlinks, because most bloggers do themselves harm instead of good why trying to build backlinks, because they are doing things the wrong way. I will share some few non harmful methods to build backlinks.
Link Baiting
This is the most natural method; link baiting means creating content people will want to link to. Try to create something interesting or a little controversial; it will engage your audience in the discusion. When your content is great, your reader will naturally share your link.
Mini Web 2.0 Properties
Mini web 2.0 have being an effective method for both traffic and backliks generation. Mini web 2.0 are authority websites and they rank high in search engines. Here is a list of some mini web 2.0 sites
Your aim should be to create content related to your blog's niche and paste them on sites like these. Once you have done this, leave links back to your website.
Note: Before you begin read their rules.
Guest Blogging
Guest blogging means writing blog post for other blogs; in return you get links pointing to your blog. To get started, use google to search for blog in your niche that accept guest post or use blogsynergy. This method of linking is natural and a good way to kick start traffic to your blog.
These are just the few tips I have your, my next post will be 10 way to get backlinks to your blog. Hope you find this article interesting.
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