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As i am newbie In Seo World I have little Bit confusion on this topics.
1) How to Choose Your Keyword For Promoting Purpose ?
2) After Choosing This Keywords How To Add this keywords in Your Website ?
3) Which Are the Ways For Promoting Your keywords With In your Website ?

Please Help me out . Any help will reward to me.

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    Search the forum, it's all been posted multiple times.
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    I don't want to be rude, but no one is going to spoon fed you. The info you are looking for has been shared numerous times here. Read and take action.
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    While it's definitely okay to ask questions here, those sort of questions are so extremely basic that you're expected to at least research and understand the very beginnings of SEO, rather than have someone walk you through it.

    Fortunately, there's a wealth of information already on here, so start reading!
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    Hi pratima!

    When choosing a keyword, use Google keyword tools or Market Samurai. This applications allow you to see the volume of traffic and competitiveness of a keyword. Make sure to choose a keyword that you can compete on and at the same time giving you potential amount of traffic.

    Then optimized your keywords by building backlinks in the form of guest blogs, forum posts, rss feeds, web 2.0 sites, article directories, blog networks, and social media sites. Study keyword density when doing this.

    Hope this helps.

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    First make sure you have analyzed the keywords using google adwords tool.By doing this , you can check for the competition as well as the searches for any keyword.After finishing that comes to optimization.It involves two types.
    ON page optimization-title,description,meta tags,xml sitemap,keywords etc
    Off page optimization-directory submission,article submission,blog posting,blog commenting,social bookmarking.
    The off page is done for building backlinks for the keywords.This is just an overview of the process.Make sure your basics is strong first.
    Please stop promoting your website in your posts.
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    Did any one noticed, Pratima and ram chandra dash (who thanked for this post) are having same set of signature . So it is very clear what the intention is ..
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    Using some keyword research tools like google adwords , keyword finder etc, Choose best web page related keywords, In SEO two types like On page , Off page ,On page -change the title tags, meta tags, content , image tag optimization, managing robots, sitemaps etc .
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    Yes read and pick keywords carefully on competition and searches. Put them in your posts about 2% and in H Tags etc...

    Tom Langdon
    Helping you succeed online!


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