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I asked this question before but it never got a reply :confused:

Is it better, from an SEO standpoint, to host video on your own website or embed it using YouTube.

This article states that it's better to host it yourself than put on YouTube or some other 3rd party site. What do you SEO expert warriors think?

Online Video Marketing: 7 Hot Tips To Maximize Your Video To Generate More Sales Leads | Search Engine People | Toronto
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    Youtube ranks really highly for search terms so I'd rather put it on youtube.
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    If you don't really care about YouTube visitors then hosting your video yourself is a good idea especially when it's likely to violate their TOS.
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    It all depends on where the conversion will take place. If your running Adsense on the Youtube video, ranking a Youtube video is fine.

    If the conversion is happening on your own web page, I think it's a better idea to rank your own self hosted video.

    If your conversion is happening on your own page & you rank a Youtube video your increasing the chance that you'll lose traffic while the traffic is looking at the Youtube right sidebar. Even though ranking Youtube videos might seem easier, is the ranked YT video leaking traffic before a conversion can happen?

    The more clicks/hoops you force on traffic, the less money you'll make.
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  • It is good to post it to high-ranking, high-traffic site like YouTube. Your video may show up on search engines as well for your chosen keywords. I do not see any reason why its not good to post your video on YouTube then post this to your site.
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    Or you could just host your videos on Amazon S3 if you insist on avoiding Google, that would be the preferred way.
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      I have a theory and it has worked wonders for me so far. Never fight the system. Youtube is the king of video hosting just as Paypal is the king of payment processing. If you try to go around these monsters or forge ahead by yourself, you have the whole weight of the rest of the world against you.

      I don't necessarily see anything wrong with hosting videos on your own server, but considering the issues you must get around, (bandwidth limits, speed of download, etc,) and the low benefits to doing this, (youtube will rank you high anyway with proper seo as will some of the smaller video sites,) I say just stick with the system.

      Hope this helps!
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