New ginormous adsense unit?

by paulgl
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Partners have always been given many sizes, but it seems
google is giving us an early Christmas gift. A super-sized
adsense unit! 300 x 600.

I normally tell people to use all 3 ads, but I would not use
all 3 the same, certainly this jumbotron. I should also tell
people to use it sparingly, as google may not find ads to
fill it and you get blank space. It looks as if it will
only show text ads at the moment.

I think it's long overdue.

Did not see a thread yet, sorry if one is here.

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    They actually updated their policy a few days ago. Only one 300x600 is allowed per page.

    Updates around usage of 300x600 ad format - Inside AdSense

    People who've already slapped 2 or 3 300x600 units on their have until January 10th, 2013 to comply.
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    I read this in the Adsense newsletter today, I don't see the 300 x 600 option in the Adsense Ad builder. Anyone add one of these to their site/s yet?

    As soon as I see the Ad option I'm going to test it on one of my sites, I might do a complete site overhaul on the theme just to accommodate the new Ad size (300 x 600) then run a single Ad as a sidebar.

    All I care about are text Ads.
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    Will be trying this one out soon.

    It's available to select as a unit, like you would select any other, just there is not an example preview of it like there are the others.

    I will be interested to hear anyone that has swapped their wide skyscraper for this new large skyscraper and received positive results. Being a new unit I'm assuming not many advertisers are targeting this yet resulting in a lot of blank space.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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