If i do link building for my site, which is a blog, will it rank for keywords within blog posts?

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So my main site is a blog, and thus there is very little content on the homepage itself, but within the blog theres plenty of content and posts for the keywords i m trying to rank for,

if i do linkbuilding for the main page itself with the keywords I want, will it rank my site even though i have nearly nothing "on page" for the main .com page?
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    Depends on your strategy. You do know that you can build links to your other .com/pages as well, right?
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    The best thing is that you do seo of both pages on which their is content related to that keyword and also home page. Give link of home page on that sub page to higher the preference of home page.
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    Depends how well structured your website is, and how deep some of the posts go. If the site spreads around juice well then it'll work out quite well for you.

    It's good to have a mixture of links to individual posts and homepage. Here's a thought... why don't you just put some more content on your homepage

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    Your content would be indexed in search engine plus, blogs too.

    It also depends on the site, on-page seo, and complete SEO phase as well.

    three great FREE tools - www.sitebeak.com, www.GAtective.com and www.impersonal.me

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    I would suggest you to do more link building of Inner pages and less for domain. If you inner pages rank, your domain will also get the benefit.
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