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I'm just learning and testing different backlinking methods to see what is working for me.

I have a page started getting a trickle of traffic since it was posted in early november. It has particularly low competition and it got #23 with just some bookmatking with onlywire.

By around dec 10, its reached #12 and I decide to tried doing 2 web 2.0 posts, one pointing to the page, and a second post as a second tier. And I onlywire'd the second tier. Again just for testing to see for myself if, how, when it might affect the ranking of that page for this keyword.

A couple of days later I was registering another site with google webmaster tools and I said what the heck, I also registered this site with the keyword I'm testing with seo.

Instantly, GWMT could tell I was getting traffic to that specific page for the keyword I was targetting. Less than a week later I see this page is now #3 for same keyword. Now I'm getting about 15 visits a day as opposed 3-5 per day to this page from the same keyword.

I wish I hadn't done that because now I'm not sure if it was my web 2.0 backlinking or registering this site with GWMT is what caused the jump in SERP's.

Is it possible that registering a site with activity can boost serp's?

(I realize so little unique visitors is most likely inconsequential to most of you experts here but for the sake of testing I wanted something that I could rank relatively fast and easy so I can see for myself what is effective)
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    No, registering a site with WMT gives no ranking benefits. The same way it gives no ranking loss.
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    Originally Posted by ochaim View Post

    Is it possible that registering a site with activity can boost serp's?
    Registering a site(to google webmaster tool) has nothing to do with backlinks and serp. It must be due to your other link building activities
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    Awesome, thanks guys!
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      It also helps with crawling your site for errors or missing links as well as Site Performance.If you are moving from one domain to another you can do so using webmaster tools and you will not get slapped for duplicate content and you can the do a redirect when you have added your new site and verified it.
      It tells google that you are the owner of the site

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    Google already knows what it has been programmed to find and see even without you registering a GWT account.
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      Originally Posted by johnben1444 View Post

      Google already knows what it has been programmed to find and see even without you registering a GWT account.
      Indeed, I'm sure it was coincidence, it just surprised the heck out of me as its my first time ranking a page so high in the serps.

      I'm trying my backlink method with another page that isn't ranking anywhere to see what kind of effect it has there. It'll be interesting as it has much more competition.
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    Web Master tools submissions is just to track your site's activity alone. Its also like analytic. Which page has the errors, which page has the highest no of visitors, what keyword is doing doing and so. Nothing else will be happen if you add your site in web master and at the same time no loss too....
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