could adsense ban me for this?

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iam using facebook to promote my website
,my question is can adsense ban me as i use only facebook to promote my website(one source of traffic)?
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    Nobody here works for adsense. We have no idea what you
    are actually doing with FB. Using FB to promote a site is
    like, um, common as dirt. Why would you think anything
    of this sort?

    The caveat, of course, is that you are using FB in nefarious
    ways. If so, yes. Adsense could ban you. Many things
    that people do to get visits to a site are against TOS.

    So, how are you using FB? Does it violate anything
    on adsense? Have you read the TOS?

    You could actually answer the question yourself.

    I'd like to know who told you that having one source of
    traffic is "bad"? Some old man in a cave?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    ok thanx for reply
    i have a facebook page that i use to send visitor my website(no oncourage them to clicks on ads or any thing)

    also a read this(one source of traffic is not allowed) in many forms even in adsense guidens
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    adsense cannot ban your website just by using one traffic source. adsense will only ban your account if they're getting lots ad clicks from one ip address or same computer.

    if adsense can ban your website from using facebook only, does that means if i am getting traffic only from Google my account will get banned?

    nothing is wrong with that.
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    No definitely not. Adsense will not ban your site for the reason of using the another source as your traffic medium...

    No issues in this....
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    Adsense can ban you for anything they want....without reason.
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