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I sell my own digital products, and for awhile I was only focused on SEO... I'm finally diving into PPC traffic, but just one thing is holding me back:

Conversion Tracking.

I'm starting off with Bing Ads... And plan to branch out and use different networks, banner ad buys, etc...

There are many conversion tracking solutions out there, and I don't know which is best. I'd like to be able to look at all my conversion tracking in one place rather than log into 10 different accounts to manage it all.

I've looked at the following:

Improvely - Conversion Tracking and Click Fraud Detection
Free PPC Affiliate Tracking Software | Tracking202
Performance Media Platform - PPC Management Software | Acquisio
Online Advertising Management Platform | Marin Software

And of course there is Google Analytics, but I hear that's not a very accurate solution since it works based off Cookies instead of capturing the person's IP address.

Any suggestions?
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    Minimum cost to use the sites in your list:

    Improvely - $29/mo
    Tracking202 - $150/mo
    Acquisio - $1000/mo
    Marin - $5000/mo

    What's your budget?
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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      Originally Posted by Dan Grossman View Post

      Minimum cost to use the sites in your list:

      Improvely - $29/mo
      Tracking202 - $150/mo
      Acquisio - $1000/mo
      Marin - $5000/mo

      What's your budget?
      I use Prosper202 which is identical to Tracking202, just installed on your own server. And it's free.
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    • Thanks Dan, I emailed you after I posted this and you got back to me right away with a detailed response... I appreciate that.

      I have poked around in the demo account, and I'm really impressed with the reporting and the user-friendly interface.

      Assuming the tracking is accurate, I think it's a no-brainer to go with Improvely.

      Thanks everyone for your input!

      P.S. - I will also use Google Analytics just as back-up tracking.

      P.P.S. - Thanks dburk for the detailed response about Google Analytics... Makes a lot of sense. I think Improvely is priced right and geared towards marketers, whereas Google Analytics is a one-size-fits-all solution with wayyyy too many features to wrap my head around.

      Dan from Improvely mentioned that his system uses IP tracking as well as some kind of proprietary tracking mechanism, so it does sound like it will be more accurate than Google Analytics... and if I'm going to scale up and spend $500/day on PPC advertising, I'd like my stats to be as accurate as possible and track the lifetime value of each customer I acquire so I know how much I can really afford to spend on paid advertising.

      Thanks again everyone.

      Originally Posted by Dan Grossman View Post

      Minimum cost to use the sites in your list:

      Improvely - $29/mo
      Tracking202 - $150/mo
      Acquisio - $1000/mo
      Marin - $5000/mo

      What's your budget?
      From $0 to $15,000 a month?
      I'll tell you how I did it with just 1 Clickbank product.
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    Hi InternetBusinessVelocity,

    I would suggest starting with Google Analytics. Yes it is cookie based, but that doesn't mean that it will be grossly inaccurate. Not even IP based systems are 100% accurate, and 99% accurate is generally good enough for someone starting out.

    Google Analytics is, without a doubt, the most universally supported tracking system across all channels, and relatively easy to implement as compared to those other options. From my experience, most errors in tracking are do to improper implementation and not from inaccurate tracking technology. When you compare the price difference between GA and some of those other packages it is an easy decision.

    You may discover that Google Analytics has far more capabilities than you currently need. Even if it doesn't, your analytic skills will take time develop and mature to the level that you need a higher end package.

    The 2 essential functions that you need from your tracking are:
    1. Bid management
    2. Conversion Optimization
    Some things to consider before you decide are:
    • What will be your bid management solution, will it integrate well with your analytics program?
    • Does it have too many features, making it overly complicated, or missing essential features?
    • Don't rationalize a high cost, based solely on how much benefit it offers, but how much benefit it offers over other free solutions.

    It's easy to get taken in by great sounding features and benefits, but reality is that you will probably use only a small subset of the features and there is no point paying for things that you are likely to not get much use out of.

    I recommend that you start with the simplest solution, and start benefiting right away from that package, as your analytic skills advance and you outgrow the easy and low cost options you will know better which package is likely to serve as your next upgrade.
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    ConversionRuler is my favorite. Been using it since 2003. Very flexible and robust, but also VERY VERY easy to use, far more so than any of the others, especially Google Analytics.

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    By using the Google and Overture scripts you lose the ability to double check them... but that is not too big of a deal for the budget you are working with.
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