What Do I Need To Do Some More To Get An Adsense Account

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Hi Warriors

I have been rejected for the fifth time on my application for a Google Adsense account. Every time they reject me I tried to change and improve on my website based on their recommendations.

What more do I need to do to deserve a Google Adsense account? I am quite lost at the moment. Perhaps some kind Warriors can peek at my website and advice me.

Thanks a lot.
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    The site looks to be really well made...

    What I did notice though, was some parts of the contest was copied word for word from other places and that the site has nearly no traffic or backlinks. If you promote the site a bit and remove duplicate content im sure they will accept you

    Just a question... what WP theme is that?
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    Well I don't know if you're referring to the site in your sig, but if you are, I took a snippet of text from one of your articles to paste into google and found out that the article is on 89 other sites. Now that's nothing necessarily bad on it's own, but if that's your main mode of populating your site with content, by publishing unoriginal stuff that's on a lot of other sites, then I can see how Google might see that as spammy.

    You'll might want to publish a site with mostly original content if you want to win Google's favor.

    What reason(s) has Google given for not accepting you into Adsense?


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    Your site is from Malaysia with an age of 187 days
    Malaysia is in the list of High risk countries for money laundering issues so one reason is Google doesn't approve adsense Accounts immediately from your country.
    If you have used duplicate content remove it immediately.
    Before applying for adsense you should get at least 100 backlinks for your site.
    If you need approved adsense account under your name you can PM me
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