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I am persuing "geo-targeted niche sites" for the purpose of PPC (for now)
Would it be better to use each site I set up on it's own domain?
Or would you use one main domain with a slew of sub-domains?

"mytownhealthclubs" (dotcom)
"mytownchinesefood" (dotcom)
"bestrestaurantsmytown" (dotcom)


"mytownrecommends(dotcom) /beststeaks
and so on.....there could be close to 100+ individual domains...or sub-domians.....sub-domains naturally would be much cheaper.

Can PPC be done on sub-domains & be affective? What SEO issues can you foresee?

*This is all to advance to a local directory site in due time.

Any thoughts on which method you see working best?

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    Hi Ken

    Just my own opinion but I'd stick with the single domain. It's a lot cheaper and the money you save could be used for PPC.

    I don't see why subdomains should be any less effective for PPC, as long as you abide by the AdWords (or whomever you're using for PPC) terms of service. And actually, the examples you gave were NOT subdomains, they were directories off of a master domain (subdirectories). Subdomains would look more like:


    Either way I think they would be fine for PPC.

    As for SEO there are many experts among Warriors who coluld probably speak with more authority then I could. The way I see it your SEO efforts could be just as effective with subdomains or subdirectories.

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    Originally Posted by Jagged View Post

    "mytownrecommends(dotcom) /beststeaks
    Hi Ken,

    my opinion: I prefer with that one. That could be the best link and good for SEO also.
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    Your quality score on google will be just fine using subdomains. I would definitely go with the one domain; no reason to spread yourself on many domains until you have a proven the idea (and maybe one domain is more advantageous anyway).
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    I think the most important reason to stick with one domain is the code maintenance. Trust me, I've gone the multi-domain route with directories. It becomes an up-keep nightmare.
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    Do remember this, google tends to favor sites that have tons of content. Pick one domain and create sub sections with quality content.

    If your sub pages follow what google wants -- then you'll get cheaper clicks. Read a report on the google slap OR search this forum for more information , it makes a big difference.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Thanks everyone. Great input. I'll go with the single domain.

    Much appreciated...

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