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Back before all this panda google stuff, I could write a good SEO optimized article and Rank for Google. Over time my rankings would go up for Yahoo and Bing.

Now it seems to be the opposite. I rank high for Bing and Yahoo and it takes a while to rank for Google. It also seems a bit random when ranking high for Google.

I can have for example 4 tags on a particular article. One tag ranks high and the others are not even visible including the link that contains the actual keywords.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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    I am still ranking good for Yahoo/Bing, not as well for Google as I used to, but I never tried to optimize anything. I don't think that Google is really trying to punish SEO optimization. I think that Google's current algorithms are not as effective as they used to be no matter what they say.

    Google still produces a lot of garbage that often displaces more relevant pages, and Yahoo/Bing tend to reduce this type of garbage much better than Google. The net effect is that Google keeps messing things up while offering little in terms of better effective solutions.
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    Because of this Panda, many people have started writing high Quality content to rank for their sites. Since it has increased more competition, it might take a long time for your site to rank in Google.
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    I am also experiencing the same problem after the Panda's update. It really takes more time to rank in Google in comparison of Bing and Yahoo but I feel OK as they both are generating good traffic to my website.
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    I am also experiencing the same problem after the Panda's update.
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