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[I know I've recently put a question up SIMILAR to this but it's not the same, so please help out if you can]

OK, so I've got a website with A LOT of content and A LOT of long tail keywords. Basically, each page of content targets a particular long tail keyword. All the on page SEO is optimised as well as possible with the keyword mentioned in the title, URL, Image Alt Tag and so on...

My question is this, these keywords are fairly low competition so would this, as an SEO strategy, work?

Create a Wordpress blog/Blogger blog/Tumblr page with a general keyword loosely related to a collection of Long Tail Keywords, then link from this page to the Long Tail Keyword pages.

Then build a few high quality backlinks to this blog page?

For example (these are 100% NOT my kws)

Let's say I had lots of long tail keywords that were: Bright Yellow Colouring Pencils, Dark Red Colouring Pencils, Pale Blue Colouring Pencils and so on...

I would then create a blog on Wordpress.com about Colouring Pencils and in the sidebar and throughout, place links to each of the long tail keyword pages above.

So I now have a blog about colouring pencils linking to more specific pages about colouring pencils.

I then build a few high quality backlinks to this Wordpress blog targeting a range of kws (as the anchor text), some of the long tail kws, some of the main kws and some generic phrases.

Would this be a quicker and easier way to rank for a range of long tail keywords instead of backlinking and working on each individually.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.
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    That's not a bad idea...

    But you're probably better off setting up a solid silo structure and interlinking campaign within your site and pointing super high quality links to your homepage.

    Then ID your top long tails and point legit links at them as well (guest posting etc.).

    Also make sure your on-page for each long tail page is solid (1000+ words of content, authority OBLs etc.) without going overboard.
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    Just want to check I have Silo Structures correct:

    Is it where you have your main keyword blog, and then you have say 4 sub categories related to that main keyword and then within those sub categories have related content. And the pages within that subcategory link up to one another.

    So that each sub category is a 'silo?'

    That right?
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    Yes you have the silo idea correct, but it applies to a lot more than your navigation. The innerlinking pattern of the website as a whole can push the link juice from the homepage to subpages when set up correctly. There was a good service on here, I forget who offered it, that analyzed your innerlinking in depth and let you know where you could improve it. I forget what it was called.

    But there is no reason why you can't do both your on page along with some off page linking as well. Just make sure that the keywords you are targeting are going to be worth the time it takes to manually create properties to link to it.

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    I tend to prefer backlinking each long-tail page individually.

    You could try just backlinking the homepage and redistributing the juice by the homepage linking to the other pages - but you will need an extremely powerful homepage to do it that way, and it would take a lot of links.
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