Yet Another Silo Question - EXTERNAL BACKLINKING?!

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Right, so let's assume I've set up my site in the perfect SILO fashion, I've got my main index page, from that I link to my main SILO index pages and from those, I link to the related content and all the content within 1 SILO is interlinked and no leakage etc etc.

But where do I build external links to and what anchor text should I use?

Should I mix the anchor text up and build links to the top SILO index pages?

AND as a side note, what should I do about the navigation bar on site - Should I like to the main index page of each SILO in the nav bar or should I remove any form of link from SILO to SILO and only link to different SILOs from the home page.

Thanks for your help.
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    Good question, anyone have any ideas?
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      Generally, external links go to the landing pages of each silo, with anchor text, or variations of anchor text that you wanna rank for. If you see a child page starting to generate traffic, then you may also want to point a few links at that as well.
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      Good question, anyone have any ideas?
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    I backlink the same way I backlink non silo sites. Mostly to individual pages, and occasionally to the homepage depending on the situation and the link placement

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