Is Yahoo/Bing contextual ad network as good as Adsense?

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I just noticed that Yahoo/Bing has partnered up with to compete (or try to) against Google's Adsense.

I signed up to Yahoo's network as a publisher and was accepted into their invite-only network.

They have a very nice support system in place, as someone has already called me to help me through the process of creating ads, as well as helping monetize them.

Have any of you already tested out this new ad network as a publisher? If so, how was your RPM/CPM? Is it anywhere near Adsense? Anything else you can tell me about this network before I go ahead and start using it?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Profile picture of the author monetizemore isn't that impressive. AdSense is definitely a better solution when considering CPM and fill rate. has improved in the past couple years though.

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      My sites have done very well with It's the best alternative to adsense that I've found for CPC. Probably depends on the keyword niche.
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    What is your RPM looking like from I researched and found that most people start at $2 RPM and then slowly decline from there.
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    The good thing about adsense is that it ties in with Google's search and browser monopoly. From what I can tell Google Chromes browser history is used to produce relivent adverts as well as the standard procedure of cookies from search results etc.

    You will notice that if you for example looked at car insurance comparisen websites that any adsense site you go on will even show you your qoutes! Very scary how relivent the results are sometimes however this is good for click through rates.

    Even if other sites pay more per click than Adsense you generally wont earn as much as you don't get as many clicks because the ads arent so relivent.

    Another good part of adsense is that it has a lot of people paying to advertise on it. This means it is a more competitive market which in turn increases cost per click.

    Just make sure you read the terms and conditions very carefully. You don't want to get banned and should be fine if you play it by the book.

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    Adsense is better, I don't think some1 will create something so powerful like Adsense

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    Currently Adsense is better.

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    there is nothing better than adsense

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    I tried it. At first it was good, but with in a month the CPC came down to zero. So many clicks with 0 cpc and zero earnings. Talking to the support person did not solve it too. Finally removed it.
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    I had also tried few months back, But I must say that their CPM/RPM rates is very low compare to Adsense. so, I quiet them and go with Adsense, Awesome CPC network.
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    I thnk the real question here is: DO they allow markets that are not allowed in adsense? that will really make them compete against the big G.
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