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I've been working on my sites and haven't visited much.
I was curious what the current state of "IM" is in terms of ranking high on Google?
Please respond with your top methods for ranking.
Is backlinking #1
Is original content on website #2

Also, if you don't mind add the tool you use, company, or how you accomplish each. I'm about to hit it hard to get a site to rank and I want to maximize my time.

If you respond I will click a thanks for you.
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    First write lots of perfect content for your website. Always avoid writing advertising fluff. Instead write content that helps fix problems. Learn how to write for search engines and people (e.g eliminating wordy sentences, choosing a topic, writing a title, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion etc.). Sounds like basic stuff but it works because Google sees it at as great content and people are likely to share intelligence. This will help you rank very well.

    Content alone is not king if your targeting a competitive keyword, thus you will need links. However, you will need very few links pointing to your content to rank on first page providing you wrote great content.

    If your going to participate in IM for links, write great content. Great content that links to great content works best, at least in my experience. Make sure that any article you submit to another site will have great odds of getting pagerank from that site. Finding sites such as this takes time. Use good anchor text that defines the page linking it.

    All sounds basic but thats what worked years ago and still works now. No need for tools to manipulate anything.
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    Luke forgive me but I can't resist

    "Rannking Hight in Google Question"

    If you spell like you do in the title when you pick keywords I guarantee you will rank highly

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    Backlinks have and still are the #1 way to rank highly.

    However, you can't rely on the old methods of blasting tons of spammy links to your main site.

    For the best results, try to get contextual backlinks on authority sites. This is where guest posting can be very helpful.

    If you have great content, then people will create backlinks for you, so your job is to get your site known. Relevant forums are good sources for this, so long as you don't come stomping in and overtly promote your site.
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    Backlinks, backlinks and more backlinks. Keep the backlinks from relevant sites & avoid low-quality backlinks (automated backlinks).

    Just got back from a #BrightonSEO. I was given room 404 in the hotel I stayed at. Couldn’t find it anywhere!

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    I agree with everyone else that high quality contextual backlinks are one of the most important things for ranking now.
    Need high quality SEO services at the best price for your small business? Call today for a free SEO or Web Design quote!
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    Excuse the misspelling.
    What services do you any of you use for backlinks?

    In America anyone can go straight to the top. And here's what's exciting- It is the bottom that is crowded, not the top.

    (Excerpt from my Success Manual found at http://thoughtsofsuccess.com)

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