Do you show your Tags on your Posts?

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Do you show your tags for your post on your blog? I've heard some people say that we shouldn't show the terms we are aiming to rank for in our post. These ppl say it puts too much out there and our competitors will just copy them.

What are your thoughts? I like having them out there so my visitors can click on them and see related articles.

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    dont use your keywords/anchor text as tags. tags have no affect on rankings, but rather give you a way to organize your posts.
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    I used to display tags but no longer do so. I want to have more precise control over links on the page. By displaying tags, you're just basically linking to all of your content through many links. This is poor for link juice transferal. And I don't think most users really benefit from tags. Now I simply display related posts that I can target directly and create a better user experience as I'm guiding the user down a specific path versus encouraging them to just wander all over the site.
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    Use tag to describe about the website in short it will be use to the user to understand about the website.
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    Tag work like a search engine for particular site, if you are post blog on one site and give content related tag then this site store your post in particular your tag related directory. and whenever user search the your tag related content than site also display your blog as a search result.
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    yes, absolutely, that will help generate more internal links.
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