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Hi everyone,
At the end of September I bought a domain, built a site and started to promote it in early November. After 4 weeks of link building my site was ranking well at some competitive keywords, and at the beginning of January I had a nice amount of traffic from G. On January 4 I checked my keywords in G. as usually, and 90% of my well ranking keywords disappeared. I checked than for my domain (, and around 50% of my indexed inner pages appears, and my site still ranks well in Bing and Yahoo. I searched on G. to find out what happen, and seems that my site was sandboxed by G. probably because is suspected for webspam. What should I do now, I don't want my site to get banned, I worked hard on it, unique content, weekly updated, quality inbound links, links to inner pages. How long will stay my site in sandbox? What to do to get out my site from sandbox? Someone here who passed through the same issue?
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    such sudden disappears from the listings is definitely either a sandbox or penalty. It might be due to your linkbuilding campaigns. How much links you built? Are they tier 1 or no? Provide some more info what type of backlinking you have done..
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      Thanks for your trying to help me. Today I saw that my site disappear even from bing. My site is about arcade games, I have 25 incoming links from game sites (good sites, unique content, no bad neighborhood links), and around 10 links coming from blog posts. 80-85% of incoming links are to inner pages, and 15-20% to my index. All these backlinks was collected in 2 months. I've done something wrong?
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    Hi Julia, thanks for your suggestion, but i already use a tiered backlink structure (2 tiered link pyramid), I have a couple of sites with PR1-PR2 used only for 3 way link exchanges, getting contextual and relevant links for my top site. But I also get links for the top site from blog comment and forum signatures, can this harm to my site?
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    wait 3 months
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      Originally Posted by webby0031 View Post

      wait 3 months
      3 months are almost coming to an end. What's the update? Are you still in Sandbox or the sand flew away with the wind
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    Why should he wait for 3 months? Once some new high quality and high AUTHORITY backlinks got indexed (you can ping or build backlinks to those backlinks!) and after NO more than a week (sometimes much quicker) he would see his website again in the results in the search engines.

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      The fact is in the past 3 weeks I've built some high quality links, I updated my sites 4 times, adding fresh content. Yesterday I found my site back again in bing on a higher position in SERP. I don't really think is a penalty from google, I'm almost certainly this is the sandbox. I will work on my site like before and I hope one day not too far away I'll see my site ranking higher in Google than before!
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        So? any updates? I am in the "sandbox" according to some site that claims to know these such things. Unfortunately I can not trust the site since it apparently tried to load some hi-jack software on my address bar but I do notice that my rank has gone to the 15th page from the 3rd page with no changes on my part. I thought I was going somewhere getting to 3rd and now...In any event have you found your way out?
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    It is due to any penalty, what you have to do is to work on your site, increase activity, it would help.

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    just wait for a few months
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