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Hey guys - I run an ecommerce website an I've hired a marketing firm to write blog post for us. They just delivered them and all of the post are under 90 words. This was a red flag to me and everything I've ever learned about on page content but they are insisting the it won't hurt SEO.

Are they right? I also feel that you can't tell a story in less than 90 words and so if they're writing for humans, then they've already failed.

Any feedback would be helpful! Thanks!!

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    What's you're site?

    Contact me for any SEO Services you need I'm glad to be of your service.

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      Originally Posted by Dokemion View Post

      What's you're site?
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    If it's good quality, it won't hurt your site. Word count doesn't really matter, you'll just rank less long tail keywords.

    Did you not agree on article length when you went with them? Also why are you outsourcing blog post writing to a marketing firm? Shouldn't you just look for freelancers or actual writers.

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    Words Count does matter. In 90 words, you could hardly tell what your post is about. Also I don't think people would be interested in reading such a small post. Has to be atleast 300 words.
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      90 words is horrible, how can you even write a post in 90 words.

      The fact they are all 90 words and under is even worse.
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        Originally Posted by jamesbrands View Post

        90 words is horrible, how can you even write a post in 90 words.

        The fact they are all 90 words and under is even worse.

        Your comment is 26 words, does that make your comment horrible? Would 1,000 words make it any better? Did you make your point in 26 words?

        I have 2,500+ pages with an average of a single sentence per page, I get +30% repeat traffic, must be doing something right.

        Everything on the web doesn't need an article.
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    The website is blog.firearmsforsale.com - I'm paying almost $400 month for these blogs. I think I can find better writers!
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    From an SEO perspective, a good quality 90-word blog post properly optimized should be just fine. But I'd worry more about user experience and conveying the right information than SEO optimization. SEO, you're fine. User experience and marketing, not so much.
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    As I know, the most important things beside the count of word each article, you should optimize some factors. After some animals algo from Google, the previous seo on page still affect to your rank. Just follow these checklists each time you order some articles to writer.

    1. Taken from various sources and I also mention the source where I got this information.
    2. This is for Google. No guarantee for Yahoo, Ask, and Bing
    3. Remember there's no exact science of SEO! Only the predictions from experience and from sources that I have come across, buy, and read. Because the one who know exactly about SEO (on Google) only Google.

    Initial sentence:

    1. Keyword appears in the first sentence but not be completely at the beginning of the sentence. Although at the beginning of the sentence better (source: SEO Pressor).

    2. Arranged on the first 10 words, you are advised to enter your keyword

    3. Try to use bold (B), Underline (U), and italic (I) to your keyword. (Source: just review the article from first position blog on Google (in SEO contest)

    Overall Article:

    5. Using H1, H2, and H3 for the targeted keywords. For header you should use H1 and H2 for sub heading topic.

    Use them wisely because this can damage your articles in visitors eyes. In fact sometimes I just wear H1 and H3 or H1 and H2 only. So visitors not too bothered. (Source: SEO Pressor).

    6. Achieve a score of Keyword Density for your article in the range of 1% -2%. But in fact I don't set keyword density too high. What the important is, there are some targeted keywords in the article and enjoyable to read.

    Give something useful to the reader.

    To check your keyword density you can go to KeywordDensity.com (source: Keyword simplied Derek Thomas)

    7. Try build your article 500 words and give some invitations for visitors to comment or like. (source: Keyword simplied Derek Thomas)

    Outbound And Internal Link:

    8. Who says you aren't allowed use outbound links? Link some terms of your word to a trusted site like Wikipedia! Yes this link can help you visitor and give your content relevant. Make this link as No Follow if you want.

    9. Just link your old article to new article. This is can help Google bot crawl your new article. It's better if the incoming link from another related website. (Guest Blogging)


    10. Insert image to make it more relevant and do not forget to set ALT image and title image (source: SEO Pressor).
    11. When inserting images, use targeted keywords as the name of the file (source: SEO Pressor).

    In the end of article:

    12. Keyword appears in the last sentence (source: Keyword simplied Derek Thomas).

    Increase your CTR on Google Search Results:

    13. From my experience, Google tracks the CTR behavior from user and give more value to the website that often clicked by user. Enter a keyword in the title that you use. Choose a catchy title and play with emotion's searcher. If your site on position 5 and your title can provoke the reader to click your site, and this is happened repeatedly, then slowly position your website will be raised.

    For example:
    - Main Keyword: photoshop tutorial
    - General Title: Photoshop Tutorial
    - Catchy Title: 41 Awesome New Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners to Experts

    Tips for create the catchy title: just browse WSO subforum, and see how they create the catchy title thread.

    14. Enter your keywords in the Meta Description. Same as above. Meta Description should provoke desire searcher to click too (source: SEO Business Box Daniel Tan).

    15. Google didn't use meta keyword but just enter a targeted keyword in the meta keyword. Avoid spamming the meta keywords.

    16. Enter a keyword in the URL. For wordpress users, just set the permalink to /% postname%. Html (source: Keyword simplied Derek Thomas).

    I hope you can give this guidelines to your writer to make your article more SEO friendly.

    It takes 10 minutes to register and ask in this forum warrior.
    Need 30 minutes to write this post.
    But you need only 5 seconds to press the 'Thanks'

    So click the 'Thanks' if you find this post useful for you.
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