My greatest Dilemma so far in IM

by cbnet
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I have been able to resolve all the issues during the last 8 months of my IM stint. The only one thing which I have not been able to resolve so far is which one wp theme I should buy. I already have an authority site which I have monetized with adsense.

I seek the fellow warriors' opinion. Please advise which wp themes are good for an authority site. Don't give me a long list of themes. Just tell me names of three themes which are good as per your opinion.

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    i think you should find them on internet, depending on your niche.
    you will find for sure a good one
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  • Profile picture of the author PlotHost has some very good themes. what is your nice ?

    PlotHost -
    99.9% uptime | 15 days money back | 24/7 support

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      I use some themes by woothemes on some of my sites, if that helps.
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        Right now, my two go to theme sources are Woo Themes and Genesis, although I'm tending to use Woo Themes more frequently. I'd check them both out.
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    If you're having a tough time deciding on one theme to buy, and don't have the budget to buy and try multiple premium themes, offers all of their themes for under $50.

    If not, I either purchase from, or find good free ones with clean code that I could customize.
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    If you already have an authority site, then I recommend to go with Custom Made theme to make it look unique.
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    The 2 themes that have served me best so far are Thesis and Avenue.

    Hope that helps.
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    You should definitely check out Thesis, it's one the most customisable themes I've ever seen, and you can achieve a pretty great CTR with it.
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    Actually there's no precise answer , I personally use different themes with each niche. As someone mentioned above themeforest have some nice themes, try searching your niche in their search engine and you may find something suitable.

    Make your sites user friendly , then think about CTR as an ugly site may increase the click rate but it's not a big deal in a long run.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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    I remember when I built my first site, I must have changed the theme about 20+ times in total.

    I only realized later on, that it didn't matter what it looked like if there was no traffic.

    Hopefully, you're not obsessing about the theme/design/layout of your site as much as I did, and instead focusing on growing your site in traffic numbers.
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