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Hi everyone

I have started driving traffic to a site on growing your own food hydroponically. I have been running adwords campaigns for about about a month and have conversions ranging from 1-9%.

At the moment I am running a campaign with phrase and exact match and reduced cost to about 70 cents per click. The quality score is on average between 7 and 10 and I have keywords in the headline.

I want to know if anyone has good suggestions for reducing the cost per click.

Looking forward to your feedback.
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    OMG, you have some good number there!!!, the way to reduce the cost per click is by increasing your CTR, you do that by testing different ads on the copy of your adwords campaigns.
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    Originally Posted by Bjarne Viken View Post

    I want to know if anyone has good suggestions for reducing the cost per click.
    Employ best practices, such as:

    * Tightly themed ad groups, with closely related keywords (or just one, especially for converting / high volume keywords). Common mistake is to dump too many words in one or just a few ad groups.

    * Test multiple ads. Google the phrase "Adwords Maximizer Multivariate Ad Testing Tool" and then bookmark and use it when you find it (it's free).

    * Test dynamic keyword insertion, various hot buttons, the keyword in the headline and description lines.

    * Use the proper ad rotation settings.

    * Regularly run search query reports to find new converting keywords and new negative keywords to add.

    * Drop the bid on non- or lower-performing keywords, perhaps only to "first page bid estimate" or below (or pause them after sufficient testing).

    ~ Marty Foley
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