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Hi Warriors.

I have one question for you today

As a Denmark resident, the most common domain names used by businesses is the .dk domain. Checking out different web hosting deals from Danish web hosting companies led me to this conclusion... They are SHIT! Not even close to the same features as Hostgator, and more than double the prize... The problem is that Hostgator isn't approved to host .dk domains!

I am selling my website service to local businesses, but I would feel bad recommending Danish webhosting services, and as I am sure my clients would be very intertested in ranking high in google, my question is this:

How important is it to have a .dk domain for ranking in Google? Would it make any difference if you had a .com domain instead (ranking wise)?

I would appreciate your help and opinions warriors!

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    .dk domain is good for local ranking instead of .com
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    .dk will rank quickly for local search engine or .com is good for
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      Dear Andreas,

      .dk will show outstanding result in local search,
      but if you have no option then you can go for .com domain &
      through GWT set your geographic target to Denmark, things will improve.

      Punit Kansara
      Seo Strategist

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  • It would be preferable to go with a .dk domain extension. Check out some other hosting providers - try
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    thank you for your answers, and I have found a solution to my issue

    - A
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    What was your solution? I'm curious because I have a lot of .fr domains.
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      If you are after Denmark business then go with .dk domains if you want to target Us then go with .com.

      As far as the hosting goes even tough Hostgator doesn`t host .dk domains there are others on the market .

      Try Godaddy, Namecheap and other big hosting providers and you will find a solution. I`m not sure if Godaddy or Namecheap host .dk domains tough but you should ask them.
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        Not to pick on Andreas here, but this is a perfect example of a question that does not need to be asked.

        All one would need to do is go to Google and perform a bunch of local searches. Check the results. Do you seek mostly .dk domains, mostly .com domains, or a combination of the two?

        All the answers are right there in the SERPs if you look for them. Some take a lot more digging and research than others to answer, but stuff like this can be answered fairly simply without relying on the opinions of a bunch of strangers.
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