Slideshare Dominating SERP? My Case Study

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Hello Warriors,

Before we get started, please take a look at this ...

Slideshare Traffic is significantly rising despite many algorithm changes that Google had implemented.

I usually see many Slideshares ranking highly in the SERP for many Product launches and Clickbank Products.

So..I have decided to create them myself.

First One: I went to JVNotify Pro
to find a product to promote myself. I chose Udemy Crusher. Initially, I just wanted to try my luck so I created an Slideshare that had direct linking to the sales page.

The Result:

I ranked in the #3 spot within like 5 Mins. Although that was replaced by my other Slideshare in the same account:

But as you might have guessed I GOT 0 SALES FROM that Slidshare. It knew it from the beginning as the product i chose was in the IM category and direct linking would't work and I was right indeed.

So...Off I Went for an Amazon Product.

My Sub Niche was: Pink Office Chairs

I just looked at some Product reviews and made the Slideshare.

No Backlinks was DONE just like my Previous Slideshare. After some days ...

My result:

NOT BAD! But, No sales here either.

That's when I realised that I was not making use of IM's Basic Principle: (Sorry for the low Image Quality)

But I cannot make use of this Information now as my College had started and even though creating a mini-review on Slideshare is pretty easy, starting a website for full review or even making the full review will be hard for me. Not only that, I want to direct all my energy to my studies and fitness.

I always feel that the full review must be REAL before sales can come in, in the sense that I would need to buy the product myself and do a review.

Please take note that I can't even buy a basic $5 gig at Fiverr ($0 Paypal Balance) and thus the results above are Backlinks-free. I just Tweeted about them and that's all to it.

I may try the full sales funnel method sometime in the future when I am free but I don't want my findings about Slideshare to ERODE within me. If I can't use it, at least this case study could motivate other serious marketers. Just Google upcoming Product launches and you will see what I meant all while long. This has some serious potential.

How I made my Slides?

I Included my primary keyword pretty intensively (3-5%) in my Slideshare and in the description with relevant images and a mini-review of what the product is all about. My username was also my main keyword.

This will cover pretty much everything that I did: SlideShare SEO: A Guide to Presentation Optimization

That's all Folks! Just try Slideshare and include it as one of your traffic generation source and I hope that you get more traffic and sales as a result.

Those who tried Slideshare, What was your experience with it?

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    I'm really struggling with Slideshare. While I can rank pretty well, and my slides have cumulative views of well over 10,000, I have had no conversions whatsoever off my slides.

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