HTML or Wordpress Best For A Micro Niche Website!

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Hello There

Now i invite to you discuss about Micro Niche Website. The main point are "What platform are you want to use for your micro niche website?"

We know WorPress is the best platform for Blog website. If you create a website with 10 pages what you are like for them? Static HTML website or Still Using WordPress??

Hope this post will help out more people.

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    It's a matter of opinion and preference. There is no "best", because everything can be improved.
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    Unless you know HTML, then just use WordPress. I know HTML very well and I haven't built a static website in years. There's just no point. I don't always use WordPress but it's just way too easy to use some type of CMS to quickly create a site.
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    i think .html extension of a permalinks are better then non .html/.htm permalinks.
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  • Both would do the trick but the question you should be asking is which one are you more familiar with. With HTML learning how to add in various functions (forms, slide shows...) can be really tough especially because you will have to learn how to manipulate and use other types of code languages. The advantage of WordPress is there is a plugin for almost everything and this makes it really easy to have a site that is very functional.

    Everything has a learning curve and I always say its easier to build upon something you already know then to start scratch with something new. WordPress though super user friendly it takes a awhile to master and know exactly what plugins you should be adding (security, cache..).
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    If you mean "Micro Niche Site" which will not going to grow or transform into authority site, it better to use static way if you know what you are doing. Wordpress is a good bloging plateform and CMS alike. But, it will be good if you could implement static xhtml/css on the "Micro Niche Site" because it won't kill you with the amount of files.

    But, I prefer Wordpress because it will be easy if I want to scale or transform it into a more authority site. Furthermore, Wordpress has many plugins that could save a ton of time from many jobs that should be spent arms and legs to implement.

    We also could add .html extension to our Wordpress permalinks.
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