Frames limit the SEO?

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I intend on using a layout with frames in my new aggregator.
Has google problems with spidering frames?
Someone declares: Frames limit the SEO
My questions are: Is it true? Should I use or not frames?
Any feedback is welcome.
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    Search engines can still have problems with frames, but more importantly, frames have been deprecated in HTML 5. If you use them, understand that you'll be building a site using code that will one day be obsolete and will eventually lose browser support.

    Personally, I would never use frames. There are just too many negatives, including some I won't bother mentioning because, frankly, if the fact that frames have been deprecated doesn't deter you then I'm just going to assume you're looking for validation for using them.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Yeah, frames are so 1997. I used to love them, thought I was doing
      something really amazing.

      There are several problems with frames and google.
      First, if the frames are not actually linked somewhere,
      then those "pages" may never be indexed. Merely including
      a frame tag is not a link to that page. If they are indexed
      somewhere, then it gives even MORE problems. That is,
      the way I used to use frames was for a navigation side bar.
      That navigation sidebar would obviously be missing if, by
      chance, someone landed on one of the pages in the frame,
      not via the main frame. Not a good user experience.

      I do believe google can put all the frames together as a page,
      but that's an iffy proposition to have everything tied just right.
      I have no clue as to what bing does.

      Frames were a very good user experience at one time. I remember
      it was very common. It made updating websites very easy.
      With php and other things, frames are a non issue for that anymore.

      I remember that frames were so prolific, it used to be common practice
      to code your site to break free of frames. People seemed to want
      you to stay on their page while surfing the net.

      Don't confuse frames with iframes.
      Iframes are a different animal used for other things.

      Iframes cause their own problems if content is concerned.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    What's funny is Google Images still use frames as a buffer between Google Image search & the actual web page that an image is on.

    Personally I wouldn't use frames, especially If you want the content to be seen by Google.
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    In this case, probably I don't use frames.
    Thanks for feedback.
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