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hi i was looking for a local niche without lots of competition and found something but the numbers from the google keyword tool are weird.

When i enter 1 keyword, it says 8k hits.
When i check "exact" on the left the same keyword has suddenly 780 hits.

So is "exact" the real thing i should look to?

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    Yes exact is what you want.

    One of the keywords I'm targeting now shows 3,600 searches for broad, then when I click exact it says 480. As low as that seems, and it is low, I only need a few sales a month on that keyword to make a few grand. I have 2 keywords like that ranking pretty solid right now, then about 30 long tailed keywords that I'm working on now in various different positions.

    It all comes down to the niche/ROI and in my niche its more than worth targeting. Some keywords bring in 1 call a month but I still keep building backlinks for those keywords (unless its a youtube video which tends to stay #1 no matter what). When you have a lot of them, it adds up fast.
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      Yes "exact" is the way to go..
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      It is always best to look for (and use) "targeted" keywords for your website if you want it to rank and/or gain lots of traffic. And, by targeted, I mean, long-tailed keywords that are specific to your niche.

      You see, when you make use of specific keywords for your niche, it narrows down the competition and funnels the number of visitors towards your website. On the other hand, making use of broad keywords opens up your site to a whole host of niches and competing websites that are relating to your keyword, which makes it very difficult for you to "penetrate the market," so to speak. So when you search for keywords, use the exact matches, not the broad ones.

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        Exact match type is generally the "safest" option, as your ad will only be triggered the phrase you've selected and nothing else. However don't be afraid to experiment with phrase and broad - you can set your bids lower to make sure you're not wasting unnecessary budget. Then monitor keyword performance closely and use the data to hone your ad groups.
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    i must agree with the advice above exact is the way to go, if you focus on exact you will be far more focused on the plan ahead and when you start to rank you should see more sales as you are being very targeted with the keyword selection
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      If you choose the Exact Match Type you can get the exact data on the search engine.
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    Now this topic should get close :-)
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